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Magna Carta 800 anniversary 1421
October 7 2014 Contributor: David Roughley

It`s 40 years on and I still play your albums. Brought the house down at the FreeTrade Hall in Manchester. Happy days... Now, Magna Carta 800 years old next year, any plans to reunite ALL past members for one great blow out. Hope so. Come on boys, you`ve got time.

woody 1420
September 15 2014 Contributor: Luis Lozon de Cantelmi

Thanks Magna Carta, Thanks for make the better music to do happy too much people. I am 56 years old, and since 1975, i have two lp´s, the best of all my lps.
Thanks another time

Greetings. 1419
September 10 2014 Contributor: stanley samuelsen

Hi. I am a musician from the Faroe Islands living in Denmark.
I was the happy owner of a musiccassette with Lord Of The Ages and have been playing it thousands of times, and it´s now been replaced with a Cd.
I really did´nt know that the band still existed and I´m truly happy to find out that it still does. Just want to wish you all the luck and happines in the world, and hope that I will be able to see and hear you live. All the best.

Fields of Eden CD 1418
September 9 2014 Contributor: Peter Kühn

Dear Chris,
I just wanted to preorder the forth comming CD, but Amazon Germany hasn't it in stock right now. Can you tell me where I can preorder now? I won't miss it! I collected Magna Carta since golden Island Records days. And Repertoire Records here in Hamburg is a good comopany. Good Luck! Peter

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