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Current page: 2006 Notice Board

Current page: 2006 Notice Board

Notice Board

Series of Concerts with Michael Chapman (26th November 2006)

The Web Master writes - Magna Carta have a short tour in early 2007 with the formidable musician Michael Chapman. See the concert calendar for more details.

Thesinge Concert Cancelled (21st October 2006)

Chris Simpson writes - We regret that we have have to cancel the concert at the Café 't Jopje in Thesinge on the 11th November. We apologise to anyone who may be inconvenienced, and sincerely hope to see you at one of our other venues.

Backroads - A New Album is Released (1st October 2006)

Album cover for 'Backroads' (2006)

the web master writes - We are delighted to announce that a new album has been released following many requests for one featuring Chris, Linda and Matt live in concert. Backroads includes eight songs recorded live in various venues, three studio tracks, and an achingly funny poem by Linda. Five of the tracks are songs which have not previously appeared on recordings, including Fields of Eden.

The album is available in European shops, and will also be available from the band during the Autumn tour. It is also available on Ebay in the UK.

Picture of the Seasons mug from Seventies Rock Picture of the Lord of the Ages mug from Seventies Rock

Magna Carta Mugs (1st October 2006)

Linda Simpson writes - Chris and I have just bought a Magna Carta mug from Seventies Rock with the Seasons album cover motif. We think that it's fabulous, and just the thing if anyone is looking to buy someone that special present... There are also mugs available featuring the album covers for Lord of the Ages, Wasties Orchard, and Prisoners on the Line.

Chris Simpson & Nick Hall Gig (26th August 2006)

the web master writes - Chris Simpson will be appearing at the Otley Courthouse Arts Centre on Friday 8th September alongside old friend Nick Hall from the acclaimed Wharfedale folk/rock duo, The Hall Brothers. This is only the second outing for this exciting pairing.

The concert is the 4th monthly installment of 'Court In Session', a regular acoustic music night that aims to bring together established and aspiring performers in an excellent venue.

Support on the night comes from Odi (a wonderful, up-and-coming female singer-songwriter from Ireland via Leeds) and popular Otley singer-songwriter Adrian Burns.

For booking details etc., see

Solo Chris Simpson Gig (30th June 2006)

the web master writes - Chris Simpson will be appearing at the FEVA 2006 (Knaresborough Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts) on the 15th August.

Chris tops the bill on an evening of Yorkshire folk lore, music, songs, dance and drama. The Yorkshire Dales have inspired a number of Magna Carta songs over the years, from classics like The Bridge at Knaresborough Town and Wild Horses through to the superb Fields of Eden. In a rare solo appearance Chris will be performing a set highlighting this aspect of his work.

Support includes special guest Bella Hardy (a recent finalist in the BBC Young Folk Awards) plus the Knaresborough Mummers, Pateley 'PRATS' Longsword team and the Blind Jack Band.

For booking details etc. see

Album cover for 'That's the Way it Goes' (2006)

A New(?) Chris Simpson Album (2nd June 2006)

the web master writes - We are delighted to announce that a new album has been released of songs recorded by Chris in 1966 and 1967 under the name Paul Stewart. Whilst the songs and music are very much of their time, this album is well worth listening to in its own right, and it is interesting to hear some of the Magna Carta sound fighting to come out.

This album is privately produced, and will shortly be available to buy from the site. If you would like a copy before then, email the web master and he'll pass on your request.

Buy Magna Carta Albums through the Site (25th May 2006)

the web master writes - To make it easier to buy an album, all those albums in the discography which are readily available now have a direct link to the appropriate page on

Dutch Spring Tour Starts (12th April 2006)

the web master writes - I would just like to remind everybody as the Spring Dutch Tour gets underway in Haarlem on Saturday, that Chris and Linda will be updating their concert diary on a fairly regular basis. Having attended their Skipton concert last Saturday, I would like to reassure you all that Chris, Linda, and Matt are in superb form. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, I urge you to do so as soon as you can.

Chris Simpson on Radio 2 (14th Jan 2006)

the web master writes - Chris was on the UK's Radio 2 "Stuart Maconie's Drive In" show yesterday evening trying to guess a mystery voice - unsuccessfully. He made the most of his opportunity, though, and got the promise of some air time for a Magna Carta song for this Sunday. After that - who knows?

Happy New Year (11th Jan 2006)

Linda Simpson writes - For those of you who think we must have died and gone to heaven (maybe) I'd just like to explain that over Christmas we had a bit of a family crisis. My Dad was taken into hospital and so I downed tools and went to Guernsey, getting back yesterday.

I now have about three months post to deal with; accounts for the same length of time; and the budgies need cleaning out (that was a joke!).

Dad still isn't too good, and I'll be going back to Guernsey as soon as I can, so Magna Carta has to take a bit of a back seat for me for a while.

Anyone waiting to hear from me should do so fairly soon (I'm working on it), and this site will be brought up to date as soon as I get the details to the Webmaster, but in the mean time, I would just like to wish you all - A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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