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Current page: Notice Board

Current page: Notice Board

Notice Board 2005

Song Search Added to Web Site (7th Dec 2005)

the web master writes - Have you heard a Magna Carta song, and want to know on which albums you can find it? Well, you now can. A new facility has been added to the Discography section in which all the Magna Carta songs are displayed in alphabetic order. Simply click on the song of choice to see the list of albums.

In Tomorrow CD Now Available (27th Nov 2005)

the web master writes - We are pleased to report that the In Tomorrow CD is now available in the shops, and may be obtained from Amazon UK.

Faulty Lord of the Ages CD (8th Nov 2005)

Linda Simpson writes - We have a problem with some copies of Lord of the Ages CD, which have a fault on the first track. We apologise for this and anyone who has bought one should return it to:

Magna Carta
c/o 't Eekhoornnest
Birkstraat 118b
3768 HL

We will replace the CD and refund the postage. Please don't forget to include your name and address for the return.

Postponed Concert (4th Nov 2005)

the web master writes - Linda reports with regret that the concert in Geleen scheduled for the 4th December is having to be posponed until the spring, owing to theatre renovations.

She apologises to anyone who may be inconvenienced by this, and hopes you will be able to catch one of their other venues instead.

Fields Of Eden Tour Diary (31st Oct 2005)

the web master writes - The Fields of Eden tour is now well under way in the Netherlands, and Linda is maintaining a web-based personal diary of the tour - when her busy schedule allows. See what it's like from the other side of the footlights!

New English Concert Date (24th Oct 2005)

the web master writes - Magna Carta have arranged a gig at Mill Folk, Pannal Memorial Hall, Harrogate, North Yorkshire on the 17th December. Tickets are available from Rocksteady, in Harrogate.

Cancelled Concert (13th Oct 2005)

Linda Simpson writes - We regret that, despite several reminders, the Koningstheater has not returned their contract and so this concert is unable to go ahead.

We apologise to anyone who may be inconvenienced by this, and hope you will be able to catch one of our other venues instead.

New Album on its Way (7th Oct 2005)

Chris Simpson writes - River Records will shortly be releasing In Tomorrow - a 2 CD /1 DVD set.

To meet the forthcoming Dutch tour I wanted to put together the album that we're always being asked for. Wherever Linda and I play, we are always asked if there is anything that's 'Just the two of you' or 'What we heard tonight' and, until now, we have always had to reply with a negative.

Album cover for 'In Tomorrow' (2005)

Concerts are often recorded, mostly straight off the desk, and so I went through as many of those recordings as I could find, to pick out the tracks that are either not yet studio recordings, or never will be. Many were unusable because the balance of guitars to vocals was unacceptable, but there are a few 'borderline' tracks, like Songbird, which was actually part of a sound check.

They are not all perfect, there's no chance to go back and do it again when you're on stage- but even so, this is one of the best compilations I have ever put together. Having started, I thought - why not add a few obscure studio recordings? And what about some with 'the chaps' great musicians that we have the good fortune to call friends? So the project grew and became a compilation of live and studio work, some with other musicians, some without.

I have added a short DVD - four tracks from our Ticket to the Moon DVD, just to remind you what we look like.

Hope you like it.

Album cover for 'In Concert' (1972)

In Concert Re-released (26th Sept 2005)

The Web Master writes - We are delighted to report that the In Concert album will be once again available on CD as from October 10th, this time on the Repertoire label - catalogue number REPUK1075. Further details of the album may be found here.

This news is particularly welcome as it has been unavailable on CD for some time.

Web Site Reawakens (1st Sept 2005)

The Web Master writes - The Magna Carta website has been brought back online after a period of quiescence. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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