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Current page: Eekhoornnest concert 2016

Current page: Eekhoornnest concert 2016


On Wednesday, November 30th Magna Carta played a one-off special concert in the Canteen of Allurepark 't Eekhoornnest in Soest, the park where they have been staying during almost all of their visits to the Netherlands. This special night was only announced a few days prior to the night and was mainly intended for invitees. The main part of the audience consisted of members of the De Jong family, who are the owners of this holiday resort in the middle of the Netherlands. Even though it was more of a pleasant gathering of friends than a proper concert, the band did their upmost to provide a great concert, with lots of humor in between the songs and even some community singing. Nacho from The Desparados sat in as guest percussionist, which was a great addition to the overall sound! Almost at the end of the concert some of the audience members were 'asked' to sing a line of two... which started with Dorothea and Bart and of course Piers and Ineke and finally... even yours truly, the webmaster sang a few lines!

After the concert it was time to chat and have more fun. One of the guests asked if he could be photographed with Wendy. And Wendy really wanted her picture taken with him too... becase he was almost double the height of Wendy! And some members of the audience wanted to be photographed with the band members and the full band

And finally (it was way past midnight on this Wednesdaynight) I had the chance to take some group pics as well.

Photos and text: Harry Pater.