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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Zevenaar - 3rd December

After all these weeks, after everything that has happened, after all the new friends we've made, after all the fun and the tears - suddenly it is the last concert. How did that happen?

Having stayed on Texel in the morning we didn't have a lot of time to spare so we only stopped off in Soest briefly on the way to Zevenaar. We have played this place quite a few times and never have we driven straight to it. We didn't break with tradition tonight either - we sailed off down the wrong road and missed it completely so we had to turn around and try again... We did find it on the second run.

This is always a late get in and so we don't eat before the concert. Peter was there to do the sound and we soon had it all set up and ready to go.

I suppose we were charged up and emotional because it was the last concert so it went off like a rocket. The Bum-ba-bum was LOUD and we had one person who was obviously tone-deaf singing at the top of their voice, which made it 'interesting' but it was all good clean fun and we got to the end of the song without any casualties! After that it was a complete riot. I guess I was a bit more tired than I thought as I could feel my own tuning slipping (the voice box is operated by muscles of course and tiredness can be a problem) - I just hope it wasn't too bad. I certainly didn't let it bother me and I think it was better in the second half anyway.

The Warriors of Zevenaar

We had a ball. We gave it everything we'd got and the response was worth it - everyone was right with us, the jokes, the sad songs, the rock and roll - everything - we even did three songs at the end, and really we didn't want it to end, I suppose. Sorry if you thought we went on too long folks, but we like to enjoy ourselves too.

Matt was especially upset that it had come to an end. We did point out that we'll be together again in England in 10 days but that didn't seem to help. It's just great to know that he enjoyed it so much.

We still enjoy it too of course but we're more used to it now - although we still feel very sad when it's all over and, after a couple of days, we experience 'withdrawal symptoms' (that's not quite it, but I can't explain it any better) because we miss the adrenalin rush that performance gives you.

Anyway, we packed everything away into the van and then went to Bart and Dorothea's house.

Normally we don't accept invitations to eat on concert dates because it's usually part of the pre-gig ritual but we knew we wouldn't have anything before so we gratefully accepted something afterwards.

Bart is a Cordon Bleu cook, he prepares lovely dishes to tempt the palette but we didn't really expect an 8-course meal starting at 2am.

6am - the end of a long night

It was lovely - I did think about putting the menu on here but I'm sure Bart doesn't want you all booking in for dinner!! We did enjoy it but have to admit that by 5:30 am (where did the time go?) we felt that chocolate mousse might just tip the balance so we had to decline the last course.

It was time to say goodnight/good morning and head on up the road back to Soest for a well-earned sleep.

Just two more days to go and then we get the boat home to dear old Blighty - to face six weeks worth of post, answer phone messages, collect the dog from Scotland, get the vehicle fixed, do our Christmas shopping - have a rest? (No chance yet).

But there's still two days left before we go home...

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