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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Veenendaal - 1st December

We spent the two days off getting the washing done, cleaning up and writing Christmas cards. Chris has written about 450 and I have only done the ones for the 'Friends of Magna Carta', but I have the excuse that I'm writing this diary. Being on tour at this time of year is difficult when it comes to getting ready for Christmas!! We're not complaining though - we wouldn't change it for anything... anyway - the concerts...

Matt in the dressing room

The theatre was only 40 minutes from Soest so we didn't have to set off until 3:30, which was very nice as it meant we didn't have to do anything in a mad rush.

The sound check was fine and we had pizza again before the show - more garlic, but luckily for the audience the stage was quite high

We were surprised to find that this one was not sold out. The two closest concerts could have sold out twice over and we expected any overspill to come to this one, but for some reason it didn't happen. It was still a healthy crowd though, so no problem.

When a theatre is not full people tend to avoid the front row as the sound is better further back from the stage - we did have one very attentive little chap though. He was green and got a front seat all to himself!! - cute huh?

Our audience in Veenendaal

Chris was really taken with him so after the concert Marion gave him a slightly different version. I have a sneaky feeling that as Harvey, our Labrador, doesn't have a frog to play with, the two of them will be fighting over it before long.

The Bum-ba-bum bit was quieter than it has been - but very tuneful. The whole concert was a delight as this was a really 'warm' audience, but I have to admit that personally I was struggling a bit. On a tour like this, a musician is likely to have at least one concert where they seem to meet themselves coming back. This was mine, and I had to concentrate very hard not to make mistakes so I couldn't relax and enjoy it as much as usual - but I don't think that it made any difference to anyone else. I hope not anyway.

We were sorry that Hans De Deugd didn't come back stage after the show as we had bought him a lovely packet of pancake mix as a present. Yes, of course it was a joke; he's the man who put the DVD 'Ticket to the Moon' together, and when it was finished he took us out for a pancake (business lunch). When he went to pay, he found he couldn't use his bankcard so we ended up paying. We have never let him forget this - and never will!

Only two left to go...

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