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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Tros Radio - 19th November

To fit in both the radio and the Leiderdoorp concert we had to get up early and go first to the theatre to do the sound check - then we had to get to Amsterdam for the radio show and then get back in time to have something to eat before the concert. That was the plan...

The first part went very well - we were all up, showered and dressed in time to set off at 9am and the drive to Leiderdoorp was uneventful. We did note the traffic queues on the Amsterdam ring road, but thought they would be gone by the time we were heading back for the Radio show.

We got the equipment set up, Rob was great and with plenty of coffee and concentration we balanced the sound and set off for Amsterdam at 12:30.

Chris being interviewed - photography courtesy of Walter Goyen

We were due to be there at 1:30 and the trip should have taken about 40 minutes. As luck would have it, Matt's parents were in Amsterdam and warned us that some of the ring road was still at a standstill. We tried to avoid the problem area by getting as far round the outside of the ring road as possible, it was a good move as when we came to cross it we realised that it was completely blocked. The mobile phones started going, Simon (our publicist) and Rob (from the record company) were both caught up in it all and worried that we were going to miss the show. We called into the station to find that they were running late which was a relief as the 10 minute drive from the ring road to the station was to take us almost an hour!! We got there in the end and it was nice to have a cup of tea before being called to the sound check. Simon and Rob turned up a little later, grateful that we had at least made it.

The new album was still not in evidence, which was not what the radio wanted to hear but there was nothing we could do. We spotted Walter and Kaori in the audience, which was just great. Walter took the shots that I've included of the radio (I forgot to take any in all the panic).

We did our three songs, including 'Don't Stop Me' but we have no idea, even now, what it sounded like. We've had some folks say it was great and others say that there was too much reverb. Whatever the case it was very good for us, lots of people heard us so it certainly hasn't done us any harm. I'm sure someone will present us with a copy soon.

Getting ready to perform at Tros Radio - photography courtesy of Walter Goyen

There was no time to hang around - once our bit was done we had to head back to Leiderdoorp - we had a concert to do!!

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