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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

The End

The end of a tour and it always feels as though someone turned the lights off and locked up, without realising that you were still there...

After our 'midnight snack' we slept in a bit, but there was business to be done and ends to tie up so we couldn't hang about - several people called in during the day and we spent the evening with Matt's family and a few friends that called in to say goodbye. It was nice to relax and not have to make music. We actually got the chance to talk to people without having to consider that we should be getting down the road. At the end of the evening it was a tearful, and prolonged, goodbye to Matt (I don't know why because we were going to be together in ten days, but there you go) and then we were three.

The following morning was strange - it was the 5th of December, the day the Dutch celebrate Santa Claus - a little different to the way we do it as this is the day they give presents but all presents come from Santa (a bit like we do Valentines). I had been joking with Piers and Inneke that I had no intention of leaving before this day as Santa might get confused and not know where I was!!

The one thing we ALWAYS do when we're in Holland is go to De Smikkel in Soest for a pancake - they are the BEST in the world, no one can do it the way the Dutch do. So this was going to be the day.

Scoffing the pancakes

Please don't tell Chris but Darrell and I had already been twice on days when Chris was doing something else and I had to do the banking. What could we do? Chris was using the four-track, so Darrell took me in the van. The bank is so close to the pancake house - it would have been be silly not to call in for lunch... Sorry Chris we daren't tell you at the time and I'm hoping that you won't read this either, but my conscience is now clear.

Anyway, we did go, the three of us, and had a great lunch as always. We have had pancakes all over Holland and no others are as good as these so make sure you call in if you're passing, it will be your loss if you don't. 'De Smikkel' is 'The Smithy' at home and this is in an old blacksmith's barn. The setting and the food are second to none and the staff are always nice too. They also have a web site.

After our pancakes we had to go for our other 'fix', a trip around 'Intratuin' - this is a garden centre with a difference, because at Christmas they have such wonderful displays that you really don't know where to start. I thought I might be able to get some Christmas presents but there was just too much to choose from - I came away with nothing!!

Christmas at the garden centre

The last supper was a mish-mash made up of bits from the fridge, it was so remarkable that I can't think what it was now (it was probably fairly horrible though). Chris and Cuddles then went out for a drink (you can't beat a Duvel when the day is over) and while I was starting to put things in a suitcase there was a loud bang on the window, and then on the door. I stood for a moment, not sure what to do and then, like a true idiot, I went to the door and opened it.

There was no one there of course because Santa had been and there on the doorstep was a bag of presents. I all but burst into tears; Piers and Inneke had decided that I should have a present from Santa after all. I suddenly felt very silly because I had only meant it as a joke, it's for kids anyway, and yet Santa had been to our little cabin in the woods. I can't tell you what Santa left because the presents are still wrapped and under our Christmas tree until the 25th of December...

Some people are so special and Piers and Inneke are up there with the best. It was such a lovely surprise and I love them for it. They later joined us for a drink, 'we talked about the old times and we drank ourselves some beers' - it was a great way to spend our last evening in Holland.

The 6th of December and it was time to pack everything into the vehicles and head for the ferry.

P&O have sponsored us for a few years now and they have been great to us but we arrived at the terminal to find that although Darrell's ticket was OK - ours was for the 10th of December - P.A.N.I.C. - It took a while but they eventually took pity on us, found us another cabin, and we were on our way (phew).

We headed for the bar (where else) ordered our gin and tonics and then started to send text messages to Matt - all three of us, all sending messages at the same time, just for the crack. He must have had sore fingers as he tried to reply to them all but he was on the winning side as we were soon out of range and had to stop (shame as it was fun).

Out on the high seas and all that was left was to go for dinner and then get our heads down and ready ourselves for dear old 'Blighty' the next morning.

All we can say is: Thank you to all those people who came to see us, to all those who joined in with the fun, to all our new warriors, to those who enthusiastically sang 'bum-ba-bum' and kept us going. Thank you for all your good wishes, for the new friends we made, for the friends that continue to support us through it all. We have so many great memories to take with us we will never stop talking in our old age!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope we'll catch up with you all again very soon.


Linda, Chris, Matt and Darrell

P.S. It has been so much fun for us to do this diary that I'm going to carry on - I'm not sure yet how often - but life doesn't stop when we're not on the road - so why not? There is the gig on the 17th to write up anyway - watch this space...

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