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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Rotterdam Master Class - 28th November

Some time ago, we promised Sieb Kreoske that we would do a 'Master Class' for his 'Media Studies' students. Some of the students had been to see us at a concert and they organised the class for today - arrival time 11:15. As the college is in Rotterdam we decided that we should be underway by 9am in case of traffic problems - we certainly didn't want to be late.

Matt is not at his best in the mornings

Young Barnhoorn didn't look too good this morning (neither did I but I had the camera!!) - but it had been a tough weekend and we could have lived without the 7:30 wake up call. At times like these a 'matter transporter / time machine' would be a great idea - but as we only have the van and the only 'time machine' on offer is an alarm clock, there was no other way round it but to grouch our way through a bowl of cornflakes each and hit the highway.

Half an hour down the road Matt started to read the itinerary, which was in Dutch. And our spirits rose considerably. Dennis was going to be there to raise the pole at 11:15 and thereafter everything had been catered for. It seemed that nothing could possibly go wrong - but if it did - we were informed that Suzan would sort it out.

I wondered if her ears were burning as we decided that Suzan was the one we had all been waiting for. We stopped for coffee on the way down and found that the toilets at the gas station were locked - some wit decided we should call Suzan, and after that the poor girl had no chance.

Was it possible that we could soundcheck straight away? - ask Suzan... and so it went on, and is still going on.

Jude met us in - not Dennis as per our instructions and so, as things were obviously already not quite going to plan, we were very relieved to meet Suzan.

We soon met all members of the 'A' team and were royally looked after. The sound system was of the highest quality, the technicians were on the ball, the students asked good questions, we played a few songs and told them all about the music business (as much as you can in an hour anyway) and through it all Suzan was our mainstay, our guiding light and our shelter from the storm.

Chris and Jan - two old friends

After the class we were each given a lovely present (I got flowers, the boys got a bottle of wine each) and then we went for lunch in the canteen. Suzan was of course right there through it all.

Fully replenished it was coming to the end and almost time to go when it was decided that we should autograph a poster or something. The A Team were all wearing special T Shirts that had been made for the occasion, so Chris offered to sign those instead. I can't be sure but, as the A team was mostly made up of very stunning young ladies, I suspect that there was a slight ulterior motive here. One young lady, realising that there was little threat, offered to allow the signing and made Chris's day.

Kristel had been our main contact before the event and we thank her and everyone else involved for their efforts. You were all great sports and Suzan took it all in her stride - we salute you. I'm only sorry that I can't remember everyone's name - put it down to the fact that I don't usually do mornings!!

I almost forgot to mention that an old friend of Chris's, Jan Looman (not sure of the spelling sorry), now also lectures at the college and was there to say Hi. We had a chat over lunch and vowed to meet up again before too long.

We dropped Matt at the railway station so that he could go home and join up with normality for a couple of days at home. We headed back to Soest and a bit of well earned sleep.

Suzan and the A Team
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