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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Purmerend - 12th November

We were a little bit late having been caught in a traffic jam around Amsterdam - not normal for a Saturday, but it was caused by road works. That's one thing that the Dutch are very organised with - they replace huge amounts of road from midnight to 6am - or at weekends - so that they do not cause traffic delays at peak times. Try the M6 on a Friday afternoon when it's also holiday time in the UK - that's when we get our road works done!!

Tom and Tido - Sound and Lights

Anyway, even tho' we were half an hour late we still got a very warm welcome from Tom and Tido, two lovely young men who had even gone to the trouble of listening to some of our music the night before so that they had some idea of what the sound should be like - we were impressed. Our reaction obviously paid off as everyone was telling us what a great sound we had - which is all we ever need to hear.

As it was Matt's birthday, everyone was in high spirits and the sound check was going well. It was interrupted by dinner (no complaints - it was a lovely dinner), after which we got the balance right and then decided to run Don't Stop Me. I wish that I could have filmed it; it was the Magna Carta come de hour.

I got out the big sheet of paper with the chords on it and put it on the floor - but I still couldn't see it, so Darrell went in search of my glasses. We counted in and set off with an enthusiastic flourish but ended in chaotic disarray - it just wasn't going to happen in time for this particular concert - a little more rehearsal is required before this one sees the light of day.

Show time came and I walked out to do the first number. It was obvious that this was an audience determined to have a good time - they joined in right from the start - we were all warriors, we sang Happy Birthday to Matt, we laughed together and simply had a smashing time from start to finish. It felt more like a party than a concert, which was great as in a way it was the only party that Matt was going to get for his birthday.

Our audience

At half time we gave Matt his cake - it was a very squashy one and by then it was certainly wider and flatter than it started out, but it was VERY tasty. Not quite the sort of thing to be eating between sets as the cream was going everywhere - did we care? Not much.

Matt's birthday cake

In the second half we presented Matt with his present - a plastic sword and shield from Blokker, so that Matt could look like a real Warrior. Have I explained the warrior thing? I must have. I'm sure that we now have several Dutch people wandering around with their tongues stuck behind their bottom lips declaring their allegiance to the Wawwoir cause!!

After the concert we spent quite a long time in the theatre bar chatting to some very nice people. Yvette came along with a friend and we were very pleased to see that she's looking just great these days - that's such a big smile that it lights the place up - don't forget that Yvette, it's good to spread a little sunshine.

Someone is thinking of naming a tulip Magna Carta - that would really be something, but I hope he's not thinking of finding one that's a bit ragged around the edges.

We got home at some crazy hour of the morning, and continued to celebrate Matt's birthday - even though it was over by then. I wasn't exactly in a fit state to do the diary so I thought I'd wait until today so that it would make some sense...?!?!

Thanks Purmerend - I hope we'll be able to come back and have another evening with you some time.

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