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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Oldenzaal - 3rd November

Chris started on booking the next tour this morning (photo) - Dutch theatres are now booking for next year.

Chris arranging the next tour!

At 2:30 we set off for Oldenzaal, a nice sunny day made it a pleasant drive and we were in high spirits having remembered the game of 'Warriors' - this involves placing the tongue over the bottom teeth and into the bottom lip and then saying profound things like 'We are warriors' and 'We have wonderful weapons' - try it - it's fun.

It was a bit disappointing to find that we were not sold out, especially as most of the venues are, but it seems that they have had a management change and that has left them in a state of flux which didn't help the situation when it came to advertising etc. Anyway, there were not many empty seats and we were really well looked after by JP and Natasha who made us lots of coffee and took us to a lovely place for dinner.

The musical audience of Oldenzaal

The sound check didn't take very long, it's so nice to work with people who know exactly what they're doing, and so we had time to relax before the concert.

I started off with 'Dream a Little Dream of me' and found that this audience was very musical indeed, but I lost the tuning because I started to laugh so we had to start all over again - I don't think anyone noticed...?

About half way through the concert we taught them the 'Warriors' game - and we all had a lot of fun. It was a nice concert but the photographs I took didn't really come out - I'm sorry about that.

After the concert we spent a little time in the bar (and why not?), but then we had to go because we have four concerts in a row now - so some sleep is required.

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