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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Langenthal - 29 October

After De Uitstek we headed back to Soest and got to bed at around 3am, happy, but aware that we had to be up at 5:30 to get the train to Schipol in time for the flight to Zurich. Musicians, as you might guess, are not good at mornings, and we are no exception. It was not a pretty sight but we headed out and did our best.

Fred from 'The Stompin Cowboys'

Tony met us in at Zurich, a lovely man who told us of his relationship with Fred who booked us in the first place. They were obviously great friends and had even done Route 66 on Harley Davidson motor cycles in the 90s. What a great thing to do - we were impressed.

We met up with Fred at the hotel and we were immediately struck by the fact that he was a special man, a first impression that was only confirmed as time went by. Fred is one of the world's gentlemen, we met his band 'The Stomping Cowboys' and realised that we had some stiff competition. They played first, we did our normal two sets and then they finished off.

What a night. Andy did the sound (thank you for a great job Andy) and he really worked very hard as there were three of us, and seven of them - a soundman's nightmare if ever there was one.

Line Dancers

As you will probably have worked out, 'The Stompin' Cowboys' play a lot of country music and so there was a fair amount of line dancing going on - see the picture - and at the end of the evening they were kind enough to invite Chris and Linda onto the stage for a less than perfect, but great fun version of 'Me and Bobby McGee', Matt took the incriminating photos and the evening closed at about 4:30 am.

Fred said he would pick us up at the hotel at 8:45 am to take us to the airport so we dived into bed to get what sleep we could. 8:45 came and went, 9am, 9:15 and we were starting to get worried so Chris gave Fred a call - guess what? We had forgotten that the clocks had gone back an hour!! Fred was amused; we were heartbroken, as we had lost an hour's sleep!! The joke was on us.

Now we're back in our cabin in the woods, Chris and Matt have gone to meet up with other musicians staying here - and I'm writing to you.

Just one more thing - everyone is asking what we've done with Harvey whilst we're away. Well, he's staying in Scotland with his new friends Ann and Norman on the banks of the River Clyde!

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