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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Radio West & Huizen - 17th November

Yesterday I finally got to go shopping - not for long, and I didn't buy anything exciting, but that's not the point - I did go shopping!!

Getting ready to play at Radio West

Today it was 'back on our heads' - Darrell was the first to get up at 7:30, closely followed by Matt. I got up at 8 - and Chris emerged at about 8:10. I must say we all looked absolutely wonderful (not). We headed out at 9am towards Rijswijk to get to Radio West for 10:30 and actually got there early, only ten minutes, but early all the same.

There was a lovely rainbow so I took a quick shot of that before taking a shot of the boys unloading the van (it's a good excuse not to have to do anything!!).

Everyone at the station was very cheerful and bouncy, we just burbled our way to the coffee machine and started the process of waking up - slowly.

Everything was beautifully set out for us so it took no time at all to do a sound check. It was very professional and the sound was great. We did three songs interspersed with a very nice interview with Ron Davids. It was all over by 11:30 so we had another two cups of coffee each and headed back to Soest. I have to admit to grabbing 40 minutes sleep before it was time to set off for Huizen.

Matt being interviewed at Radio West

Ton met us in at the Boerderij, which means farmhouse. The concert hall itself was in fact an old converted barn dating back to 1870. We set up quickly and the sound check was a joy - the on stage sound was clear and perfectly balanced and the out front was the same. Ton did both the sound and lights - very well - and he was also busy looking after everything in the interval too - he was quite a star.

We were very pleased to see Simon Mol, Rob Ebbers, Roy T, Turf and Marjan (we're not certain that we have the lady's name right?) Sonia Sweet-smile and Rob Marx with his family, thank you all for coming - it means a lot to see friends come through the door.

Roy and Chris have an ongoing relationship in which, Chris is Ronnie and Roy is Keith, from the Rolling Stones - I have to say it suits them and is very funny - I'll be sending a photo of the two of them to Roy and will put it on the site if he'll let me!!

The concert was most enjoyable and, from the reaction, I would say that we gave a good account of ourselves.

It's now three in the morning so I think it's time to turn in. Forgive me if I don't send another report until Sunday night - the schedule is a bit crazy until then.

Our audience at the Boerderij
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