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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Groesbeek - 18th November

What a marathon - four concerts and 2 radios in 4 days - especially when the Sunday concert meant setting off at 9am... you just don't want to know what state we were in by then!! Even the 22 year old Matt was feeling the strain.

Anyway - Groesbeek.

We did actually get a bit of a lie in on Friday morning, so no complaints about that. We set off in good time, planning to arrive at 4:30. I made the mistake of saying that we might even be early - about five minutes after that the traffic information board lit up with the wonderful news that there was a queue of traffic - 7 miles long - on the road we were planning to take. We had to go on past Arnhem and then down the other side to come back on ourselves to Groesbeek.

What was I saying about road works in Holland? It seems that Arnhem has decided to dig up just about every road they've got so we crawled along and aat 4:30 phoned the venue to say we were taking a diversion around Paris - they understood the joke and we told them we'd get there as soon as possible. That turned out to be 6pm. Our backsides were all aching have been sat in the vehicle for nearly four hours!!

It was worth it

Little boys dressing up

We threw everything on stage, set up and sound checked in about 40 minutes flat - then we could relax a little and have some soup and lasagne - very nice and very welcome Thank you.

The concert was in aid of the handicap centre - and it was a real grin.

For a start the 'dressing room' seemed to be some kind of theatrical store room and so Matt, Chris and Darrell just couldn't resist going through the cupboards to see what they could find - take a look at that photo!!

We had a great first number with a very enthusiastic 'bum-ba-bum' choir helping me out - the best yet in fact - but the Dutch now have the bit between their teeth on this one.

Warriors all, we just had a ball from start to finish with one slight blip when halfway through the second half the monitors made one awful grunt and gave up - no sound on stage for Matt and I. We tried to steal Chris' monitor as his was still working but he wasn't going to give it up, so we had to carry on as best we could.

Knowing that we had the radio the following day - and we were meant to be playing 'Don't Stop Me' from the new album - we thought we'd better rehearse it. We put it in after the encore and handed out the percussion instruments to anyone who would help us out - what a grin that was. No finesse; wrong words, wrong chords, but the rhythm section didn't let us down - Corné was particularly good on tambourine.

After the concert we had a sandwich in the bar with René (sound), Hennie , a lovely man who teaches wheelchair dance amongst other things, and Jan (?- do I have your name right? You make great coffee!!).

Thanks to Stefan for booking us - I hope we'll meet again.

We eventually headed home and climbed into bed at around 3am. Alarm clocks set for 8am at the latest.

Our audience of warriors
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