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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Den Hoorn - 2nd December

We just LOVE going to Texel - it's a gorgeous island, we get a boat-trip, the terminal in Den Hoorn does the best chips in Holland, and we also have a great affection for Cor and his theatre. It's just one of those places that you want to keep going back to.

Crossing the dyke

We decided that we would make a day of it, go up the east side of Holland, drop in and see Ab again in Amen (he forgot to give us some fresh eggs when we were playing there), then go across the 20Km sea dyke before getting the boat to Texel. This meant getting up early and, as we did it voluntarily, we all felt very self-righteous. We were up and on the road at ten, it was a pleasant day and the banter in the van was very funny.

It took a little longer than we expected, but we enjoyed our coffee at the café with Ab before we set of for the dyke. The idea was to stop at the halfway mark and have a coffee in the café there, but by the time we got there it was getting a little bit late and the chips in the terminal seemed like a better option.

The dyke is amazing, a 20 Km stretch of road across the top of it with the sea on one side and fresh water on the other. It's very easy to just drive across it without noticing it but what an amazing feat of engineering.

We got our chips (yummy) and met up with a couple of people who were coming to see us that evening - that was nice. The boat trip is just long enough to drink a cup of coffee and then it's time to get back in your vehicle and drive onto Texel.

Some of the warriors from Den Hoorn

We were a little later than we meant to be but we got a great welcome. We did manage to do a sound check and get a reasonable sound before having a very excellent dinner (thank you Cor) and getting ready.

We always stay over, as it is impossible to get off the island through the night, and we wouldn't want to anyway, so we went upstairs and sorted out our respective beds ready to fall into at the end of the evening.

Show time came and we found that it was Chris' turn to have a strange night; he actually started a song with his capo on the wrong fret (that's usually my trick so I just loved that!) but it went very well. They were great little warriors and the tour joke went down very well - I'll put it on the site when we get home.

At half time Darrell and Chris were playing in the dressing room - there are lots of interesting outfits in there as they do a lot of shows through the year - of course they had to try on the hats while Matt took the photos - it's like working with three kids!!!

By the second set Chris was feeling much better so it was great, we had a couple of birthdays in the audience and we could feel that we were getting lots of good feelings which meant we gave that little bit extra. I'll never know what makes that kick in - but it feels good.

Chris and Darrel at play

All too soon it was over and we could have a chat and a drink. Sebastian has a great Rottweiler called Nicky who, like Harvey, just loves to have her back scratched. Harvey goes through your legs and stops halfway so that you scratch the right spot; Nicky backs into you and waits!! I just love dogs - they're great little characters and know exactly how to get their own way. Normally after the gig at Texel is party time but we were all a little bit weary so it didn't really go on too long. I was drinking tea (for heaven's sake!) and the boys were being very sensible about what they had. I did have a Juttertje - then I had another because Chris was going to order it and I wanted to hear him try to pronounce it, mean or what? (for our English friends it is pronounced yutt-er-che).

We got to bed quite early, about 3am, breakfast was scheduled for 11am, so it all seemed quite civilised.

Having thrown some bread, butter and bananas into a plastic box before we set off, we did actually have a sandwich each before turning in - but we had crisps rather than bananas - that's pretty disgusting at that hour but we didn't care!

In the morning Cor came over and made us breakfast (voilá) and then we decided to go and have a look at the old harbour before setting off back to the mainland. Chris and I had been before and thought it was worth showing the other two because of the old warehouse and the fishing boats. The place has a sleepy atmosphere in winter and the winter sunshine was perfect for taking great photos. We had a cup of coffee overlooking the boats and then it was time to go - but we'll be back!!

The Old Harbour
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