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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Radio Brabant - 8th November

Well that was fun - the day has about gone but we did have a good session on the radio this morning!!

Chris with Hubert and Jack from Radio Brabant

I woke up at 4:50am to hear a bump in the sitting room. I thought we had an intruder but when I reached over to wake Chris - he was gone. I asked what was happening and Chris muttered something about sleeping on the sofa - I soon found out why.

I'd just nodded off again when a B52 mosquito started dive-bombing my head. I tried to swat it but it kept coming in on another approach path, it dived, I flailed my arms in a useless fashion, it went back to a holding pattern around the centre light before making another attempt. I covered myself completely but then found that I couldn't stand the heat. At 7am I gave up trying and had a doze with the light on - that seemed to do the trick but by then I knew I was going to be a useless specimen for the rest of the morning.

At 8am I got up and showered in an attempt to wake myself up and succeeded only in getting washed - a 50% success rate wasn't quite what I was after. Chris had a bath and at 9am we hit the road for Radio Brabant.

As Chris had fared little better in the night than I, the conversation on the way to the radio was minimal - but civil. We headed down the A2, the Dutch equivalent of our M25 (i.e. a motorway that doubles as a parking lot) and arrived on time at 10:30 (impressed? You should be). Jack, the sound technician, quickly arranged for coffee and apologised for the fact that they couldn't set up an intravenous drip for us both. Did we really look that bad?

We met Hubert, the presenter, who seemed a little worried that we might peg out before completing our mission, but we pointed out that we had been in far worse states than this. He looked doubtful, but was slightly cheered by our confidence.

In session at Radio Brabant

Sound check - we played through the first song - it sounded fine. Then, just before we checked the second song, Chris' mobile phone rang. He grabbed it and brought it to his ear with some speed. Sadly he had forgotten the headphones that he was still wearing and the 'phone collided with same; producing a rather unhealthy sounding thunk. Luckily nothing was broken, and Chris' ear was only slightly bruised, so we were able to continue.

Actually - Jack did a great job, the sound was perfect and we didn't make any obvious mistakes so we were pleased with the results.

We then popped into the next studio for an interview. Hubert asked good questions, one of which was 'What makes you keep going?'. There was rather a long silence after that question as we both struggled for a reason - it was one of those really funny moments when a thousand answers should have come flooding into our heads and nothing happened!! - the answer is of course that we can't stop - we love it too much, but anyone listening to the show must have been laughing their heads off.

Radio stations often give you little gifts when you've done a session, T-shirts, baseball caps, pens, - that sort of thing. Radio Brabant is no exception; they presented us each with a bright orange umbrella and an apron. Now that's what I call different - surreal even!

Chris in the dog house

I would have loved to have seen the PR office - it must be painted bright purple with yellow spots and the furniture just has to be made out of cake tins an washing machine parts, I love it. Well done, Radio Brabant, they will certainly get used and we won't forget you.

Once the show was over we went to the café with Hubert for a lunch - soup to be precise, and very nice it was too.

At the stroke of 12 noon Chris and I both woke up.

Poor Hubert, he was meant to be meeting his girlfriend in half an hour, but we got into stories of the road and I know he didn't make it out on time. We did laugh a lot though and I hope she will forgive him eventually.

Thank you Radio Brabant for making us so welcome - I hope you will let us come back again.

We got back to our beloved Eekhoornnest for 3:30 and popped in to see how they were getting on with our new house. We have to move on Friday because Darrel will be joining us for the rest of the tour, so we need an extra bedroom. Unfortunately the house we are moving into was only recently vacated and found to be in need of some rather extensive repairs. They are working hard and we're confident that they will make it in time but we found it has an interesting outbuilding which might come in handy - see photo.

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