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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Arnhem - 5th November

Just got in - what a night!!

It was a hard place to find (one way streets all over the place) but it was well worth it. We've rarely been in a nicer little theatre and the welcome was the best you could ever wish for. All such friendly, happy people and nothing was too much trouble.

Our audience

The sound system was behind us so we didn't have monitors but the place was so cosy it really didn't matter and Marcel and Cees got a crystal clear sound that was wonderful to work with, while Jasmijn made a neat job of the lights.

We all had dinner together and had a discussion on names for babies as Cees is pregnant and doesn't have a name worked out yet. There was a lot of laughter around the table and that set us up nicely to do the concert.

The theatre was celebrating their first 15 years and we're celebrating 35 years, so that's not bad is it?

'Dream a Little Dream of me', the opening number, was the best version yet. The audience really got into the spirit of it and it was just great - well to me, anyway.

Everyone was also very happy to be a warrior and not one person ran away when it was time to take the photo, so they must have all been with the right partners!

The concert was relaxed and happy, but we must be a bit tired because we forgot to say thank you to all the lovely staff who had looked after us and done the sound and lights - we were so embarrassed when we realised, so now we'd like to say: "Thank you"

A standing ovation - photograph by Harry Pater

It's good to get a second chance.

Not only did we forget to thank them - we also forgot to ask them to sign our tour book. We didn't do very well did we?

Great to see Jos, Pernilla and Harry - and all the other special folks that dropped in.

Got to go now - we'll be on stage again in 12 hours. It's a daft way to earn a living sometimes, but we love it.

Thank you to the Parktheater and Gerrit too - here's to the next 15 years!!

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