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Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Current page: Fields of Eden Tour Diary

Fields of Eden 2005 - Linda's Tour Diary

Amersfoort - 26th November

Having done Weert, possibly the concert furthest away from Soest, it was nice to know that we were in Amersfoort - the closest.

The centre of Holland

We have great affection for this place as it is a listed building, a beautifully renovated monastery, now used for concerts. Not only is it a beautiful place but the people that run it are also special. Ank Marx, Kees Kesteren and Gert are a team who have also found a place in our hearts.

It was slightly misty when we arrived outside and I took a photo of the church steeple, which is the accepted centre of Holland. To my delight it came out quite well.

Once inside it was a huggy welcome from Gert who always makes a wonderful job of the sound (it's great to know you're in good hands). We set up and sound checked by 6:15 and then set off to The Flint for dinner. Myraimme made us a stunning dinner of beef in a delicious sauce (gravy to us) and was kind enough to write out the recipe for me in English so that I can make it at home. Matt was particularly taken with the apple sauce, which he said was very close to the way his Grandma makes it (very high praise indeed).

Back to the venue and we just had time to get changed before taking the stage. It was just like playing for friends in our own home - lots of familiar faces along with many new ones.

Ricardo being ennobled to the rank of Warrior

It was the birthday of a dear friend so we made him an honorary warrior by presenting him with a very tacky plastic warrior shield and sword. Ricardo's birthday was celebrated with a special rendition of 'Life in the Old Dog yet' and a jolly time was had by all.

It was especially nice for me to see Peter there - I've taken his address and promised to write to him three times - and three times I've lost it!! This time I'm going to get it right.

In the interval I noticed the pencil drawings hung around the walls downstairs and I was amazed to find that Kees had drawn them - we hadn't realised that he was such a talented artist. We will be hanging our pictures at home within the next couple of months and I'll be trying to make room for one of Kees's drawings so that we can buy one.

The only strange part of the evening was when a couple of people left just before I took the audience photo. I had been joking that we could provide paper bags for those who were with the wrong people, so I'm hoping that they were simply leaving to catch a bus or train. We'll never know now.

We were sad when it came to the last number - so we did two encores. Everyone was singing clapping and stamping their feet - it was a magical end to a magical evening. Kees presented us with roses and we tumbled off the stage and downstairs to see lots of friends and other nice folks. It was impossible to leave for quite some time - not that we were in any hurry with so many smiling faces around.

The Warriors of St. Aegtenkapel
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