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Current page: List of recorded songs

Current page: List of recorded songs

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List of Songs Recorded by Magna Carta

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First Line(s)Title
A time to laugh, a time to cry / A time for laughing ...A time for sleeping
Against the march of time / The child, now manSoliloquy 2 (Prisoners on the Line)
An idle wind passes the shore / Can I not love you anymore?Idle Wind
Are you going my way? Have you time to take a ride onGoing my Way
Around and around all has nearly turned full circleEpilogue (Seasons)
Autumn dreamin' blues took my babe away from meAutumn dreaming blues
Baby I've been waiting / Waiting for someone to lean onLove in our Time
Baby lonely crying in the sun / Says she'll never be the same againRomeo Jack
Backroads winding over the hillBackroads
Behind the painted eyes that smile / And flicker in disguiseVisions in a Crowd
Beyound the salty tide-way / And the wide deserted shoreWild Geese
Bird ride on the water / Sea roll on the shoreBeyond the Isle of Skye
Bitter rains can wash your dreams / And hopes melt in the sunI'll walk Mine
Burning wheels with big idealsTomorrow's up for Sale
Chances are for many / Fortunes are for fewWhen you Fall
Child of the sun / Would you go where the wind blowsMidwinter
Come home late, come home earlySpeed at the sound of Loneliness
Crusing down the street in the cold of a winter's eveningWhite Tuxedo
Danny come running through the July morningDanny
Daughter, daughter, daughter / Have you nothing to learnDaughter Daughter
Day bows out at sunset / The night comes stealin' downNight Magic
Diadems and gems that glitter / Painted faces turningThat was Yesterday
Diamonds in their velvet shiningSeven O'clock Hymn
Don't go away I've got something to sayHave a nice Day
Donít tell me your troubles / Don't tell me your bad timesI don't want to know
Down on the street gonna shuffle my feetMoving On
Down the wide open road, / the pilgrim travels onAutumn Song
Everytime you smile / You take a bit of my heart awayEvery time
Falling leaves turn to gold / Silver flowers on my windowWinter Song (reprise)
Falling leaves turn to gold / Silver flowers on my windowWinter Song
For you there will be no more crying / For you sun will be shiningSongbird
Forever / Is tomorrow and a dayForever
Francis Albadalejo woke up one morningThe sad fate of Francis Albadalejo
Give me no goodbye /Though it's time for you to goGive me no Goodbye
Got my eyes on youGot my eyes on You
Green, April comes / With flowers in her hair she smiles againSpring Song
Guided by the land I see / Water lapping all around meThe Boatman
He came down from Oregon / Times were lean and hardBanjoman
He was born a child of CancerHey, Mr. Simpson
Here I am, there you are / Lookin' goodGive me Luv
Hey little man, your eyes are shining and your skin is warmThis Time Around
High and dry working down the roadCall Me
How can I say it? How can I put this to you?Here to Stay
I asked a glow-worm how it would be / If he lights the way for meIsn't it Funny (and not a little bit strange)
I can't explain / You're like the sunshine after rainOld Shoes
I don't want to hear a love song / I got on this airplane just to flyBoulder to Birmingham
I get home weary / Don't have a lot to sayLiving with a woman like You
I get up weary and I get out of bedListen to the Man
I got a big umbrella, gonna give it to youBig Umbrella
I got a letter from my baby / She said 'man, I'm feeling downRoll On
I got a strange sensation / Sticking in the back of my mindWild Bird
I got out of bed in the morning / I turned on the tap for a bathSure don't bother me Now
I got the 'flu and the telephone bluesOrdinary Man
I got the blues from my baby left me by the San Francisco BaySan Francisco Bay Blues
I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you, in worn out shoes.Mr. Bojangles
I know you're leaving, you don't have to sayThree into Two (don't go)
I left my home in the wide north countryTook a long Time
I reach out both hands, take the morningGreenfields
I went out last night with a friend of mine / I bought 8 he drank 9Life in the old Dog
I went walking down my young lifeFooled by a Promise
I will sing of you now my old friend of my childtimeSong for John
I'm just taking it easy / I'm sitting here I got nothing to sayGood morning Sun
I'm on a slow train to nowhere / I got them low down bluesSlow train to Nowhere
I've been working all my life / Trying to make it throughPower to the Song
I've got no time / For wasted words / I see my life like an open bookWind on the Water
I've had my troubles and I've seen them passTerminal case of You
I've seen a whole load of changes, heard a whole lot of liesHelp Yourself
Ice flowers on your window / You know it's cold outsideUlysses
If I asked you could you tell mePutting it back Together
If I had powers like a hammer / If I had powers unrealWish it Was
If I had wings like Norah's doveDink's Song
If today was not an endless highwayTomorrow is a Long Time
If you should come to Knaresborough townThe Bridge at Knaresborough Town
In these forsaken time it's hard to find the words to sayIn the Scheme of Things
InstrumentalAbalone Sky
Instrumental9lb Hammer
InstrumentalYoung Wackford's rant
InstrumentalMessin' around
It was only a room with a bad view of townBooks about Us
It was said of them in olden daysSoliloquy 1 (Prisoners on the Line)
It's a long way down from where I standOnly road Home
It's all part of the game / Always the same, a terrible shameAll part of the Game
It's four in the morning / On the face by the bedYou Say
It's midnight on the border/There's moonlight on the bayWatch This Space
It's not sweet words I try to find / Or clever things to saySun ain't gonna Rise
It's so hard to believe you / To have to take that line once moreStoney Rose
It's turned into another day in which I'm just a little jealousBe it as you Choose
Jonah got a talent and old guitar / And a smiling sweet beguileJonah
Just one small voice is all it takesOne small Voice
Lady and I took a long vacation / On an island in the sunStrangers in the land of Ulysses
Lazy London morning / Lonely dreaming eyesPrincess
Let me tell you 'bout the girl I met that took me by surpriseLong hot summer day
Like faces in a photographCircus of the Heart
Living it up / Calling it up / Calling you up / On a telephoneLong Distance
Long summer day / Golden fingers pointing at my stepSummer Song (Seasons)
Look at me, they call me the people's friendPeople's Friend
Lord of the Ages rode one nightLord of the Ages
Love is forever / If it's true what they sayLove is Forever
Love my baby / Love my baby / Love my baby foreverSame old Song
Love's an easy dancer / Stretched so high on the writeLove on the Wire
MacKenzie came up from the riverMacKenzie
Man gets born into the worldC'est la Vie
Many are the times I've been sadThat's the way it goes
Maybe I was born to love youLove runs Wild
Midnight again / City lights are burning brightMidnight Again
Mist on the water, frost on the landBlues for a long road Home
Morning come early / Morning come lateLove on the spinning Wheel
Morning on the river / Warm wind in the treesAll our Yesterdays
My bottom has grown to incredible size and wobbles aboutSilver Lining
My lady is so fair / And bright the river flowsElizabethan
Night comes down on a dead end streetParadise Row
Night of stars has played the card that ends her sleeping gameApproximately halfway there
Nothing to do / But watch the clouds go sailing byParliament Hill
Oh how I love to watch you sleep / Then I know that you're free to flyShine
Oh I read a review in a magazine / Must have been the other dayWon't set the world on Fire
Oh my dear Rose / Everybody knows you're on the gameOh my dear Rose
Oh my thoughts, they are of ironI am no More
Oh you stand up in your crystal towersYou are only what you Are
Old John Parker staying up late / Sitting by his garden gateOld John Parker
Old man / Withered and dry / Yesterday's hero you sayOld Man
One to one is the general rule / Applies to most of usEvergreen
Order a coffee / Light a cigaretteRings around the Moon
Out from the town where the air is cleanHome Groan
Pastel shades the hour / When evening climbs the skySong of Evening
Pick up your offer don't mess with meI'm gonna take you Down
Rhythm of my life slow wheel turning / Pattern of my daysRhythm of my Life
Roll up everbody, good things in your townCountry Jam
Roy and Marjan were married / On a Dutch Sprmg AfternoonDutch spring Afternoon
Run, run the morning's come / And the air's like wine around meDown along Up
Saturday morning, Saturday morningSaturday mornin' man
See the writing on the window, catch me dreaming all the timeToo too good
She is dreaming, she is thinking / She / Remembers it allEmily thru' the Windowpane
She moves like the north wind, she comes and goesWhich way can I go?
She touched my life with diamonds / she made the dark days singMy melancholy friend
She was born with the flatlands on her soulYou (for Lizzie and Henk)
She's got the eyes of the night / She can make or break youDark Angel
Shine on me, shine on mePainted Eyes
Sitting in the airport lounge I'm wating for a planeAirport Song
Slowbone Jones got his eye on the weatherSlowbone Jones
Slowly steals the dawn / In a grey December wayFather John
So long, I gotta to be gone and I hope you don'tAin't no turning Back
Soldier in a field of green / Worn out suit of yesterdayScarecrow Song
Steamed up window, Coca Cola sign hangs in the doorMartin's Cafe
Strange kind of feelin' / Ain't no releaseCountry Born
Sun come shining this morning, shone down our streetSlow down slow
Sweet deceiver / How long can you run?Jigsaw Man
Take a slice of that old time EnglandHebden Sunday Morning
Telephone ringing in my head / Reach out across an unmade bedColumbus
The clock tolls the hout and the morning's comeWayfaring
The dance floor is empty / The band's played one moreThe last dancer
The lights come down / They shimmer in the bitter winter windHungerford Bridge
The morning shines on windowpanesShades of Grey
The news is hard again this morning / There's a demon on the runDown to the Heart
The old man was a fighter and he held the world at baySome kind of Man
The painted face of evening shrouds the sleeping dayRing of Stones
The pilgrim wanders / With the spirit of the spring enchantedSummer Poem (Seasons)
The rain's crying tears on the windowMichael of Angels
The skies of steel and fields white with frostSpring Poem (Seasons)
The skies of steel and fields white with frostSpring Poem (revised 1999)
The sun comes up and the day is bornTalkin'
The wind blows the ashes of summerTime for the Leaving
There are lights on the water / Shine of the riverFaces of London
There you go / So alone againLovers and Friends
There's a cold rain falling from the sky aboveSting of the Gin
There's a cold wind blowing on an empty streetLove you can't Hide
There's a crisis on the airways / Mayhem on the streetsState of the Art
There's a face behind the mirror / And it slanders with a smileDestinations
There's a mist upon the mountain / A wind down on the planeTravellin' Man
There's a time before the morningIn Tomorrow
There's an upstairs office / On the corner of a down town streetOne man's Heaven
There's four who share this room as we work hard for the crackFrom Clare to Here
There's so many ways of just getting it onEasy if you Try
There's so many ways of just getting it onIt's so Easy
They call me the breeze, I keep blowing down the roadCall me the Breeze
Things are different since you left your house in Berkley SquareQueen Boadicea
This is the last song / It's the last songThe last Song / One small Voice
This is the turning of the yearPrologue (Seasons)
Through mellow days and changing times / I was living for your loveWhen all is said and Done
Time it was when the days ran slow / And an hour seemed foreverFields of Eden
Time takes no prisoners this side of the moonWalk away from Heaven
Times of change / Nothing can stand aloneTimes of Change
Tired eyes gaze at the moon / All my rainbows coming soonAll my Blues
Trash can street battered and pale faced / A life-shattered sonOnly a Hobo
Turquoise is the sea / Rolling deep beneath the skySea and Sand
Two drifters running free / Heading for the sunHighway to Spain
Two old friends of mine / I saw them only yesterdayTwo old Friends
Wake up, time we were gone, so baby wake upWake up
Walk on down the road is longFor the Gypsy
Walking through the subway / To the lunch stand on the downsideTicket to the Moon
Watch your love don't let it go / It's such a crazy feelingLittle piece of my Heart
Watchman will you turn your head / And light your lamp for meSpinning wheels of Time
Way down south in the land of the BayouCajun Cannonball
We were talking / Just yesterdayNothing so Bad (it can't get better)
Well here I go / A drifter on the loose out in the city streetUntil I see you Again
Well I was born with the gypsy in my bonesYou
Well my head is on your pillow / But sleep won't close my eyesLady take me Down
Well old friend it's a strange conception / The way I see it nowDiamond in the Dust
Well we were young / That doesn't really matter nowRainy day Companion
Well you are honey to my tongueNo place to Sleep
Were I the morning star / I could never shine so fairFalkland Grene
When I was but two bricks high / My mama said to meNatural lovin' Man
When I was small / Not prone to caringMixed up Sensations
When my tears have flown / And time hangs lowAll my Life
When the last of the wine has sunk in the jarWhite snow Dove
When the night falls hard / And the day grows coldMidnight Blue
When the rain is blowing in your faceMake You Feel my Love
When your throat is dry / When there's rain in your eyeOnly love knows How
Where are they now those perfect lovers?Perfect Lovers
Where do you go when the night comes downPictures in my Pillow
Where do you turn when you're going nowhere?Only a Lonely Girl
Where the wind blows / Willow weep, water deepSunday on the River
Whippoorwill's singing / Soft summer breezeMagnolia
Who's the lady dancer? / Why is she alone?Fragments
Wicked wind blowing wild and chill/Snow clouds massing ...Long Time Running
Woke last night / Got out of bedWorking on the Road (again)
Woke up / With a smile on my face / Got a big wide feelingI've got the World in the palm of my Hand
Working downtown in the Blues Bar CaféBlues bar Café
Ya ma mwailay amma / Ya ma mwailay iyaSong for Gaza
Yellow is the morning when the sun shines on your windowWhat colour is your mind?
You and I / Just words I know / Yet never say moreYou and I
You and I just wild horses / Aiming for the sunWild Horses
You can make what you canNo truth in the Rumour
You look a million miles / So far awayStop bringing me Down
You look at me / And I'm here with youWritten in the Wind
You say the news is bad and you don't understandUncertain Times
You sing of love and direction / You tell of miracles in glassDon't stop Me
You were born a child of Cancer / Constant as the northern starCancer Child
You're going your way and I'm going mineOne more last Goodbye
You've got your knife and I've got mine / We sharpen points of viewSeasons in the Tide
You've got your way and I've got mineTiger's Eyes