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Current page: Discography - 'Paul Stewart' tracks

Current page: Discography - 'Paul Stewart' tracks

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Album cover for 'That's the Way it Goes' (2006)

That's the Way it Goes

That's the Way it Goes - Track List
TitleSong Writer(s)
Approximately half way thereChris Simpson
A time for sleepingChris Simpson
Autumn dreaming bluesChris Simpson
Which way can I go?Chris Simpson
Wake upChris Simpson
Messin' aroundChris Simpson
I don't want to knowChris Simpson
My mechancholy friendChris Simpson
That's the way it goesChris Simpson
Slow down slowChris Simpson
Long hot summer dayChris Simpson
What colour is your mindChris Simpson
Queen BoadiceaChris Simpson
Talkin'Chris Simpson
Saturday mornin' manChris Simpson
Too too goodChris Simpson

This album is made up of the songs written by Chris Simpson under the pseudonym Paul Stewart - one of the pseudonyms he used before the birth of Magna Carta. The first twelve tracks are taken from a demo vinyl album pressed in 1966, and feature Johnny Mearns on bass, Johnny Thompson on electric lead, and Pat Brady on drums. John Le Mont plays the guitar on Wake up and Michael Smallman sings on A time for sleeping.

The last four tracks were released as singles. Queen Boadicea and Talkin' first appeared on a single released in 1966 under the name Paul Stewart. It features Mick Barker on organ, Johnny Mearns on bass, and Pat Brady on drums.

Saturday mornin' man and Too too good first appeared on a single released in 1967 by the Paul Stewart Movement. It features Mick Rooms on piano and Mick Woods on guitar. On 19th March 1967 it was one place behind Strawberry Fields in Radio London's Top Forty!

Whilst being very much songs of their time, one can hear the fledgling sound of Magna Carta coming through in Simpson's lyrics, and in his unique guitar sound.

This album is readily available on the Harvey Records label, HARVEYCD01.