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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Huntingdon Hall, Worcester - 17th January

Chris Simpson writes - Linda figured that we had played the venue before. Normally my eroded brain pulses still have knack of recalling the most obscure dates in the strangest of places, but this one hit a blank spot.

We set off from the cottage and off along the torturous motorway crawl around Manchester and down the M6. Surprise, suprise, it was raining and the carriageways could have doubled as a swimming pool.

One stop and then with 'Doris' the SatNav landing us in the middle of Worcester, we found our way around the one way systems and loaded out, really pleased to see the Weasel (Lee) who had arrived with his lovely wife, Shirley, 'Pud' and her boyfriend. Lee has just got to be one of the best bass players in the world. Way up there in the Osbourne/McCartney class.

Into the venue, and, yes, we HAD been there before. All oak and pine pews, and the invocations to the Lord on the pulpit reminded you of its original purpose as a church.

The stage layout was perfect. Someone had checked out the website and had it spot on.

Tune up; plug in; and Lou the sound man had it sorted in twenty minutes. It sounded superb.

No Matt on this one, as he had to be in the Flatlands, but the Weasel's powered basslines meshed in with the guitars and hey, ho, magic.

Ashley came and asked us what we wanted to drink, always a fine idea, and dinner, which was served to us all in the dressing room. We still had time to run over a few old stories and it was good to feel the room full of laughter.

Suddenly we were on - or rather Linda and Lee were with 'Blues for a long Road'. I joined them on 'Gypsy'.

A fine audience and you could feel that Lou had the sound just right.

Some  of our audience

Linda's version of 'Forever' was particularly memorable and the 'Fields of Eden' left a silence you could have cut with a cheeses slicer - then the roof fell in. It was one of the best versions ever, with the incomparable Andrew Jackson's voice sending goose bumps down my spine as it always does.

On again and down the second set.

I went out to joing them on 'Perfect Lovers' a Linda song I particularly like, and such was my enthusiasm, I knocked my 'pick tin' off the amp. For the uninitiated, this is an old tobacco tin full of picks; plectrums thumb picks and capos. Just like when you drop a nail on the floor, it always lands in the most inaccessible place, and the contents all went for miles. Linda was not phased, I might add, as the Weasel and I grovelled around on the boards...

The playing was tight; Lee outstanding, the Linda vocals as pure as a fine Chablis, and all too soon it was 'Paradise Row' and the end.

We sold lot of CDs and talked to people afterwards. So many came from having seen us long ago - it made no difference. They had loved it.

Load out and farewell to Lee and the family.

The gales and rain howled acros the motorways, and we made it back to base at 3.30 am. All in all one of the best and a good time had been had.

Ah, well, that was yesterday, so to speak, and Barcelona on Monday. Spain. Land of uncertain magic and desperate odds... Here we go.

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