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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Radio Rijnmond - 29th April

Matthijs Barnhoorn writes - As every, it was great going down to the Radio Rijnmond studios for a session with Hans van Vliet. Hans is wonderfully rude, funny and in combination with Chris you get some hilarious moments.

Today we've had come from different directions. Chris and Linda came from Soest, I had to come from the (now) famous town Borculo and Nico - good friend and promoter of the concert on the 3rd of May, who set this session up - came from Schiedam. For some reason we all rolled up at the same time, which surprised us all.

After we had all greeted each other, Hans walked out of the building for a smoke, highly surprised by our appearance. In June Hans will swap Radio Rijnmond for a new life on Bali. So this was the last chance for us to do a show with him. Dennis, Hans' assistance secretly booked us in on today's show, leaving Hans to guess who would roll up today.

After the first insults we walked up with him and we got ourselves ready. Bob, Vincent and Willem helped us setting the equipment up and after a quick sound check we were on air.

Hans tries to make Chris laugh

We got a reaction from a listener afterwards that Hans was very mild and the listener questioned why we were giving him these double-layered answers. Well, for those who want to know, this is why:

During our first song Hans kept walking around trying to make us laugh, staring at us 3 inches from our faces, sitting right next to you (basically in our work space) and if that wasn't enough... at one point Hans tried to play a tune on my credentials with my violin bow. All this while we were playing our songs - having listened back to the recording we did very well!

Enough about the vulgar stuff, I might have given some perverted people an idea... When the show was over we had a lovely cup of coffee together and chatting our time away it became lunchtime. Hans suggested grabbing a bite at a lunchroom not far away and of course we couldn't let that offer down.

We had a great time chatting and the subjects went from quite serious to radically mad, including putting pepper in the coffee, flying sweets landing in drinks and sugar sachets being emptied in laps. As to every good time, there came an end to this one too. Chris, Linda and Nico went to get the cars, Dennis had to go back to the station, I was on looking-after-equipment-duty and I was joined by Hans for a minute or two. In those two minutes we both agreed that South Africa is definitely one of the most gorgeous places on this planet and we exchanged the last jokes. We all are going to miss all that!

Hans, thank you so much for all the good times we've had and I sincerely hope we are going to see each other again in the future!

Dennis, thanks for arranging this special occasion, we hope that your chat about your future went well this week and which ever road you'll take, we'll see each other again, hopefully soon!

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