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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Muziekcafé Hellendoorn, Hellendoorn - 25th April

Chris Simpson writes - The first one is always the most difficult. No matter who, what or where you are, be it the Rolling Stones or Magna Carta, the first one is the unknown quantity. The big rock stars or bands always do their 'try-out' gigs as far as possible from the glare of world publicity, to shake it all together and iron out the creases. We were no exception this time, but it was not exactly planned that way. Simply the concert was there so we went on in to do it.

We had stayed a few days with Matt and Hennie and Ina (his Mum and Dad) running in some new numbers and generally putting it all together. The feeling was good and it never fails to amaze me that we just pick up the instruments, play and it all falls in to the 'just like yesterday' category.

Some of our audience

We played in a new song of mine called 'Greenhow Hill,'a kind of homage to that desolate, wild and wonderful place of ghosts and deserted lead mines between Nidderdale and Wharfedale. Lin and Matt have an instrumental called MLENTRY (elmentary).

I love the way Spring comes across the Flatlands, a suggestion of green one minute, bursting into full colour the next. It was a class example of a superlative April day as we rolled into Hellenboorn, a sleepy town still full of the soul that the new towns don't seem to have any more. The venue, De Kroon, was a quality hotel with an upstairs room adapted to being a mini-concert hall.

Apart from the fact that we had to carry all the gear upstairs, the promoter Wim, and the sound and lights crew were just great. Coffees all round and then the soundcheck using the new AER amps. We got it sorted and then down to a fine meal of guinea fowl and all the trimmings.

Some of our audience

Apparently they never get a big crowd here, - it is pretty full with sixty people in it,- and tonight was no exception. Our beloved publicity 'officer' Harry Pater turned up with Jet Lovink the fast gun from Toldijk and good to see them.

Showtime and in with 'Gypsy,' always an evergreen, and onwards. The edge was still there and we could feel it too.

To the Pause, as the Dutch call the Interval, and I ended up behind the bar area drinking tomato juice - I was driving this one - and I realised that the family who ran this venue as a monthly non profit making event were so very nice.

We hit them all for six in the second half, noting 'Greenhow Hill' went down well- and they were up on their feet after 'Paradise Row'. A low key start in terms of crowds. A high key experience in terms of good people.

We loaded out after signing CD's and books and meandered back across the land to Borculo. We opened a bottle of Chablis and relaxed until around 4.00am the weariness bit in and softly to bed.

A truly great start to the mini-tour. I'll catch up with you all next when it is my turn to write one up.

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