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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Cantina Concert, Het Eekhoornnest - 13th May

Matthijs Barnhoorn writes - Every Dutch tour I've done with Magna Carta so far has included a great night in the Cantina of the Eekhoornnest - this one was no exception.

Tonight's program was filled with three acts: The Desperados, Magna Carta and Elrieke and Leopold (who we've met earlier this week at the private concert in Epe).

The day we spend as a nice interlude as giving yourself completely five nights in a row can make you feel a bit mifted. After yesterday's great night, we had a nice sleep in, followed by all sorts of jobs that you don't allow yourself doing when you're busy. Out came the washing, brooms and dust cloths - well, the latter one didn't - but we kept ourselves going.

Normally there is always a little bit of pressure when it comes to sound check-time for the Cantina concerts. Not this time. The Desperados had built up their equipment and checked their sound the day before, so we could just fit our equipment in and had three hours to check ours. Luckily we didn't need that - in 20 minutes everything was set.

We went back to our cabin for a drink (something that we don't normally have on a day like this).

Not long after we had our first drink, our good friend Annemarie came to our cabin. Unfortunately she had to miss last night's show, but she could make it to this one. We got all spoiled with presents and we had a great time. Shortly behind Annemarie, Elrieke and Leopold rolled up. They brought their guitars down to our cabin and soon they came out of their cases. We had a sort of a pre-concert concert.

As Chris said: the early evening had all the ingredients for a wonderful night and it had to start yet.

We had a quick bite, changed into our stage uniforms. The Desperados were on first and so I rushed down to the Cantina to get ready for a set with them. The crowd was a nice mixture of the fan base of both starring acts, joined by some guests of the Eekhoornnest. Of the songs we played 'If you want to go' and 'Diggin' are definitely my new favourites.

The set went down really well and in the end most of the audience was up on their feet dancing to the music.

There was a short interval between The Desperados and Magna Carta, in which Linda came up with the idea to do our set completely acoustic. Looking back this was a very good move, as it brought the music back to very intimate. We did about six songs and left some space for Elrieke and Leopold.

Again a little interval and off they went. I was very excited to hear what kind of music they made and how they performed, as Chris and Linda had both been very complimentary about them. And they were right - they did do a stunning performance.

When they finished playing the last song, it was party time. The tequila went round - a Desperados custom, beers were absorbed and soft drinks got consumed. Yes dear readers, even email address got exchanged.

Again we had a lovely time with lovely people! Cantina concerts are always guaranteed for special nights.

Tomorrow Robert Plant and Alison Krauss!

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