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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Beauforthuis, Austerlitz - 12th May

Linda Simpson writes - This is another place of fond memories - and we were looking forward to it. Once again we decided to take the giggle box and this time we got it right because we turned up at 4pm to find all the gear set up but Harry (sound) had gone home and would be back at 6 for the sound check.

Tiggo was there to meet us (in a pirate outfit?!!) and so we brought our stuff in and set up. Then we put the giggle box in line with the amplifier and plugged the mic and guitar into it. I was amazed at how good it sounded without needing any adjustment. We played around for a while and Matt got it sorted out. I'm normally pretty good with this kind of thing so I felt a little stupid when I couldn't quite get to grips with when to hit the button but I just about got there in the end so it will be OK when I get used to it.

At 6pm Harry came back and very quickly sorted out a good sound. He's such a nice man and he had brought a mini disk recorder so we were able to record the gig. That's always a good idea when you have new material because you can check and see if it's sitting right. It's very easy to rehearse something and think it sounds fine - but when you listen back you can find that it wasn't quite as you thought it was.

We had a lovely dinner, courtesy of Onno, then ran a couple more numbers before going to get ready. Hans Veen arrived with his guitar (we were not going to make the same mistake this time) and we spotted several friends arriving... Where would we be without friends?

It was a good fiery gig, Greenhow Hill has bedded in nicely, 'Terminal Case' was a good opener with just myself and Matt playing it. Vocally it's a bit of a stretch for a first song - but it's OK if I remember to annoy everyone by singing in the dressing room before we go on!

The audience were great - sang very well and clapped and laughed in all the right places... not always easy when faced with 'English humour'.

Hans started the 2nd set, Chris was very rude to him as always but then Hans can match him and give it back so that's OK. His songs went down very well and then we set off again finishing with one of the best versions of Paradise Row that we've ever done. Sadly only half of it was recorded as the disc ran out half way through. One of these days we will remember to ask the person doing the recording to change the disc before we start this song - it always runs out half way, we know that, but we ALWAYS forget to mention it.

All too soon it was over, we managed to talk to a few people and then it was time to pack up again.

Thanks to Tjarda and Jasmine for looking after us so well.

When all was neatly stacked in the 4-track, we sat out in the garden with Harry and Tiggo for a while - drinking beer and putting the world to rights - then it was time to go.

We might just hire the place once more before we finish in May. Keep your eye on the calendar.

Some  of our audience
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