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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Parktheater, Alphen a/d Rijn - 30th April

Linda Simpson writes - Another late night night - and another early morning as this was an afternoon concert.

I hadn't looked at the contract and so didn't realise it was outside until someone said that the weather forecast was lousy - that was when I asked why that would matter and found out that it was a mini festival for 'Queen's Day'. It was a little bit overcast and there was a breeze but it seemed OK and the weather-man isn't always right so we were hopeful.

Linda and her beloved bodrhan

We arrived on time and were greeted by Willem - a very pale clown who seemed to be well on the case. In fact he was extremely nice and helpful and he made sure we found the dressing room, had tokens for drinks, knew what time we were to go to the back of the stage - in fact we would have been totally lost without him! Thank you Willem.

There wasn't much time for anything other than getting ready and then unloading the gear at the back of the stage. Before we knew what was happening we were on and the gig had started!

It was particularly nice to see Ruben and Willemien and their family but that doesn't mean that we were not pleased to see all the other friendly faces in front of the stage. There were also lots of kids with painted faces and elves and fairies on horseback, which gave the day a fantasy theme I love all that stuff.

The sound guys were really on the ball too - it took no time at all to get us up and running and the monitors were also perfect. I was a bit slow there because I didn't get anyone's name but I'd like to say thank you to them for making it so hassle free and getting a good sound for us.

We enjoyed the time on stage because it seemed to be over in about 5 minutes. I now have a microphone set up for the bodrhan - just for 'Greenhow Hill'. It seems a little crazy all that effort just for one song but it's worth it - the effect is good - and I enjoy the fuss.

After we finished we had time for a look around. AnneMarie came along brandishing a bottle of bright orange liquer called 'Oranje Bitter'. She explained that it was traditional to drink it on Queen's day and so it seemed churlish to refuse the proffered glass. Down in one? - of course. Another? - of course. It nearly blew my head off and I went weaving off into the crowd with a silly grin on my face.

The weather stayed fine as we had a look around all the stalls. There were a lot of 'arty' things, paintings and decorative wall hangings - so much talent a nd colour. Chris bought me a silver ring for my thumb (I'm only one short now) but we did of course end up at the beer tent where we got talking to Jorieke and her Mum. I had to apologise for being a little merry but I think they forgave me? I hope the exams went well Jorieke.

Eventually it was time to go and we went off down the road in a great mood - having had a fine day - no rain and lots of fun.

Some  of our audience
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