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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Zaantheater, Zaandam - 21st October 2007

Matt Barnhoorn writes - I'm sorry for all the English rugby fans out there… but I HAVE to mention it! This weekend the Rugby World Cup final was played: England vs. South Africa. Some people would think that we would be in a difficult position, as to who to support, but having been to South Africa the choice was easily made. Linda and I were supporting the country we fell in love with, GO BOKKE!

Chris however decided to be 'faithful to his English blood', and although not a big sports fan, was supporting the English'. Looking at Chris' write-up, he hasn't written anything about this RWC final (it hasn't been the first time that he hasn't mentioned the times that England lost in contests, this tour).

So I'll take this opportunity to bring you up to date...

Having been wearing my SASC (South Africa Supporting Costume - basically green and gold and if possible other colours of the SA flag) for two days, it finally got to the day of the Rugby World Cup final. As we had to do a concert in Enkhuizen, we couldn't watch the game on telly or get updates via Internet, so I asked our beloved Arlyn if he could send us a text with the half- and fulltime scores. So he did. After the gig I rushed of the stage into the dressing room to find the text that said that SA won. Linda and I were ecstatic and rushed out of the dressing room to tell the audience the fulltime score! After several weeks of supporting the Springboks, they finally did it!

Anyway, the subject of this write-up wasn't meant to be the rugby match, but the concert we did the day after.

As Linda and I were in party mode, we didn't go to bed immediately after we got home. We did sort of regret it, as the following day we had an afternoon concert to do.

Nice Mr. Jan rolled up in good time (like he does) and we packed up the car. We drank a (very strong) cup of coffee to keep us awake until the theatre, where we would have our next fix.

We arrived at the theatre ten minutes early and found that nobody answered t he doorbell. After about five minutes a nice gentleman inside walked past and with some banging and waving we succeeded to attract his attention. He pointed out to us that the artist entrance was at the side of the building and that we were to ring the bell over there.

Nice Mr. Jan parked the car in front of the artist entrance and I headed off for the doorbell there. After several minutes ringing the bell there was still no reply, so we decided to make some noise by banging on the doors and shouting 'Hello, anybody there'. It must have been a funny side for all the people coming past. After about ten minutes of making noises a window opened an a chef put his head outside. We explained who we were and what we wanted and he very kindly came downstairs to open the doors.

Chris and Linda welcomed us - not our Chris and Linda, but the Chris and Linda that were to do the sound and lights. I can see this to become very confusing -particularly given my skills for long burbles - so I'll put a 'T' of 'technical staff' behind their names.

Chris (T) asked me why we were at the theatre this early. That's the question you dread to hear, particularly if you actually could have done with some extra sleep. We discovered that there had been a 'slight' miscommunication between the theatre and us, as they put on the contract 12.00 noon as an arrival time, but that was for the technical staff. They weren't ready for us until about 2.00 pm. We had an extra two hours to kill.

After unloading the car we made our way to the coffee machine to get over this shock with a hot cup of coffee and to decide what to do next. Linda wanted to have a play-through some songs and we - the boys - went out to see if there was anything to do in the city centre.

Well, the streets in Zaandam on an early Sunday afternoon look like those during a shoot out in Western movies - nobody around, nothing to do. However we did have a look at the waterways that were next to the theatre, which were very pretty.

At 2.00 pm we were back in the theatre, and built up the stage. After that was done we had a very quick sound-check Chris(T) and Linda(T) knew what they were doing, that's for sure. Also we met Steven who was our host for the afternoon and by gum did he look after us!

Although the lack of sleep, we had a wonderful time! And we were glad when it came to show time. The audience (with quite some familiar faces in it) was great and as the people told us afterwards they really enjoyed the show.

Martin and Petra Kohler were in the foyer afterwards (a lovely couple from Purmerend) and they brought a present for Chris: a book on Roger Dean's paintings. It contains amongst others the 'Lord of the Ages' and the 'Tomorrow ever Comes' covers.

At around 6.00 pm most of the audience was gone (well, it is dinner time for the Dutch) and we went backstage to take down the gear - so to speak - and were pleased to find a big plate of broodjes (sandwiches) in our dressing room.

We thanked Chris(T), Linda(T) and Steven for their hospitality and professionalism and went down the road again to catch up on some z's.

Some of our audience
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