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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

De Kloostertuin, Woerden - 30th November

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Today's gig was different then others - in more then one way, I might add. Let me tell you about it.

As Friday is a very busy day on the Dutch Motorways, Nice Mr. Jan rolled up early. As he parked the car near the cabin, the ritual started: Linda pressed the coffee machine on, we helped to load up the vehicle and I buttered some buns (so to speak) for the way back. As Chris and Nice Mr. Jan had a fag outside, I chucked the buns on the front seat.

We set off in good time and it occurred to me that the seat was very comfortable. In fact more comfortable then other times. It didn't take long until we were faced with our first traffic jam: the traffic lights towards Amersfoort. All-in the trip should take about 45 minutes. We did it in a record time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This wasn't funny anymore, although we kept the spirits high doing silly things (Nice Mr. Jan and I have a great passion for drumming along with the tracks on the radio).

Just before the junction to Woerden we had to stop for some gas. We all took the opportunity for a leg stretch. When we returned to the car, I noticed a rather familiar package on my front seat - the reason for my comfortable seat... the rolls! I've been sat on them for about an hour and they came out flat as a pancake.

I've been told that, although they were a bit misshapen, they still tasted alright.

After a little detour through Woerden, we got to the theatre, which was situated in the old abbey ('Klooster' means abbey in Dutch).

There we got a great welcome by Jaap, who did the sound and light for us. He was a lovely man, very patient and very helpful.

We unloaded the car in no-time and started to build up and did the sound check.

Soon after that was done, Gerdinand walked in.

Gerdinand Wagenaar works for the company 'Talking Hands' and came to the theatre to provide sign language for the show. Johan Stoopendaal who has been fan for a long time and has become deaf requested this. Although he can't hear the music, he still loves the Magna Carta lyrics and so he asked us whether it was possible to get a signer in (hope that is the right word for it in English). With a lot of help from Johan, it came of the ground and tonight was the result.

We talked some last things through with Gerdinand and then installed ourselves in the dressing room.

Pizza - again

We had a quick look at one of the menus in the dressing room and decided what to eat. Then 'the Boys' (short for Chris, Nice Mr. Jan and I) went out to get it. I can't vividly remember having been in Woerden before. It had a real feeling of on old town and I was pleasantly surprised by its warmth on a cold late November night. After we placed our order at a pizzeria, we went into town for a closer look. We ended up in a wonderful and very busy bookshop. I dived into the books and soon found a photo book of South Africa. It's great to flick the pages and find so many wonderful shots and know that you've been there (and will go back to it!).

Soon we got to the theatre, with our dinner that we collected on our way back. In the dressing room we met up with Johan and had our meal together.

Not long after that we got another knock on the door: my grandparents had arrived! The parents from my Mum's side had never seen a Magna-concert before and they were really excited that tonight they would see their grandson in action.

The theatre was completely sold out, so with some difficulty we could squeeze our guests in.

When that was all arranged and I was close to the dressing room I bumped into Sofie, Joke and Henk. They wanted to come to the concert too, but as it was completely sold out, they couldn't get in.

After a little chat with Jaap and Jolijn (tonight's host), they got some extra chairs out so they could all get a place.

That left 5 minutes for me to get changed. Linda had done her job and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and Chris was outside having a fag with Nice Mr. Jan.

Linda and I stood in the wings on time and soon the lights went down... show time!

The audience were great! And, although not everybody on the front row sang out loud, the singing voices were remarkable. Gerdinand did a grand job with signing the show.

During my Backroads solo, the round of applause was heart warming and so I dived on my knees - soon to be followed by a shower of nice looking lingerie - from behind!

Linda bought some rather exciting g-strings to distract me from my duty... hehehe - and succeeded!

And all that with my grandparents in the audience. Well, I'm sure they could appreciate it.

All to soon it came to Paradise Row, which went down really well (again). We got a grand standing ovation from the audience and lovely flowers from the theatre, so we felt we had to do another song. Airport Song - the singing going down on that was wonderful!

After that we spend some time with the audience. My grandparents really loved the show and I saw my grandmother grow after all the compliments she got of the other members of the audience.

All to soon it was time to say goodbye to them and after that I made it back to the foyer where an awful lot of people stayed for a drink - great!

After about an hour of chatting, lunacy and fun it was time to go. Nice Mr. Jan packed up the vehicle, bless him, and we got changed. After that we set off, heading for Soest (with an emergency stop at the nearest gas station).

The end of yet another day.

Some  of our audience
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