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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

De Witte Bal, Assen - 10th May

Linda Simpson writes - Well that was quite an event!

We had heard that The Witte Bal was a great place to play, it's a small music café known for its great atmosphere and many famous musicians have also played there.

We got stuck in traffic on the motorway around Zwolle, which made us a little bit late. We called ahead and explained the situation, but when we got to Assen we found that the place was in a precinct and we couldn't get in with the vehicle. We knew we were close so Matt and I went in search of the venue. After wandering around a few back streets Matt announced: "I'm going to go and ask in here".

Luckily I noticed that the place was called The Witte Bal and was able to save him from asking for a place that he was already in! I know what that feels like because I did it myself - in Belgium of all places.

We had a warm welcome from Barry who had already made a start on the stage set up so it didn't take long to get a good sound together; thank you Barry. We were then shown upstairs into a lovely apartment where we could get changed and there, laid out like a banquet, was some lovely food for us. Barry explained that the place belonged to his wife's parents and we realized that this was a family affair - who could ask for a nicer family?

Barry then left and Menno took over the sound desk.

I have to say the place was full of smoke - so much so that all the photos I took have a haze over them!! ..but for all that we had a great time. Jans De Boer was there from RTVNoord (it was great to see him again), Raymond, the photographer from Sunday, came to take some live shots and impressed us by staying right to the end, Jan came from Café Amer which was very nice of him - we talked about the loss of Ab and he told us that the café is going to carry on so we will be playing there in Autumn... I'm really happy about that as it was Ab's great love and it should continue as a tribute to him. There were old friends a plenty including an old friend of Chris', Cor and his lovely wife Annet (I hope I got that right). They were both lovely and Annet even gave us a little gift each at the end of the evening.

Our wonderful audience

We played with all the energy we had, it was great fun for the most part and poignant in places too. Everyone was listening, and from the reaction afterwards I think they all enjoyed it. We ended with 'Paradise Row' again, we just love playing it and it's hard to leave it out. We didn't do it in Autumn but did put it back in the last time we played with Lee - that's when we realized how much we missed it. We keep trying to find a replacement but I think it's just so strong that it's going to be a difficult to come up with something as good - but we live in hope.

After the gig we were invited back into the apartment for soup and a pasta dish, along with sandwiches, asparagus, cheese, nibbles, in fact so much food that if we had eaten it all we would have burst!! Thank you Guta (I hope I got that right too) you made us very welcome and comfortable and we did appreciate it. We also thought that the apartment was lovely with all its interesting corners and artistic décor.

Just a couple more people to thank; Tieme for booking us in the first place and Hilde for keeping us supplied with drinks.

It was a great night - I hope we will see you again.

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