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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Witte Theater, IJmuiden - 6th October 2007

Chris Simpson writes - A beautiful Indian Summer day with the trees turning colours slowly until the first frost accentuates the process.

Jan Bor, our excellent driver and friend is with us at 3.0pm We load up and I catch a few zzz's in the back. This is a road process that has gone on for years based on the principal that when out there on the highway and a good night's sleep often a luxury, grab it when you can and while you can.

I wake. Lord, that was quick. We're here pulling around by the backstage loading door and Fredo and Frank and Michelle welcome us in.

It is a good feeling for we have played this place five times in a row now and it it has been sold out five times too.

A plaintive plea

We dump everything in the dressing room noting the 'Chris don't jump!' sticker from Michelle on the mirror and take an unhurried soundcheck where we get everything spot on.

Through to the foyer and a fine dinner and a couple of beers.

We get changed and 8.30 on the dot it is show time.

There is little evidence of the turbulence going on in our world as we hit them with the goodies.

'Gypsy,'still good to play after all these years. I figured we had made a mistake at White Mountain in Africa by not playing enough oldies so we even put 'Aírport Song' ín again. I felt pleased at the wide compass of the music. From the haunting 'Lonely Girl' to the thundering percussion from the bodran on 'Long time Running.'

'The Fields of Eden' with Jackson's dulcet vocals melting like honey out into the darkened Theatre. It was one of our better versions and I am always overawed at the stunned silence that heralds the end of the piece.

Back to the dressing rooms to meet up with old friend Ina and her Mum who helped me deal a few death blows to a bottle of Chablis.

Apparently the sound out there was good although Fredo (who must be deaf) reckoned my amp had been too loud!

The second set and Bashful Barney, scourge of the neighbourhood virgins, hits them all with his rhythm stick in 'Backroads' and brings in the rounds of applause with simulted erotic tribal rituals out in front of the mikes. Poser!

'This time Around', preceded by Linda's lovely accapella song of homage to Africa does them in quite sweetly.

On down through the belting 'Ordinary Man,'alarums and excursions, grateful thanks all round and into 'Paradise Row.'

It all ends in a standing ovation and then 'Two Old Friends', with, mercifully some nice backup guitar from Linda as I feel so little with my left hand now.

We sold a lot of CD's; talked to a lot of good people. I even signed a guitar for Peter.

A beautiful young girl brought her CD's to be signed. I noted young Barnhoorn's eyes spun around in concentris circles and words came out backwards.

Ahgggh, Cupid, wherefore art thou?

A drink with Fredo; Frank (who is a great drinking companion for he hates the EU) and Michelle and plans for next year. God willing.

All is loaded up and off we go into the night on the road back to Soest, the goodbyes dying away behind us, the lights of the working port twinkling across the river.

Our audience
Left Arrow Nijverdal, Holland Doetinchem, Holland Right Arrow