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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Café de Sprong, Winterswijk - 18th November

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Hello everybody,

It's another gig report in Dunglish!

After the Zevenaar concert we went to stay at my parents' in Borculo. There we relaxed a bit and we had a nice sleep-in on Sunday morning. After a wonderful brunch with my Mum and Dad we packed up the vehicle and drove to Winterswijk. We had lovely weather so we could fully enjoy the landscape of the Achterhoek (that's the name of the region).

Matt... - photograph courtesy of Mr. Barnhoorn

I roughly knew where we had to be and my Dad had given me some instructions as they had dug up some roads in the centre. My alarm bells should have ringed by then, but I think they were still asleep. When we got to the final bit of our journey (literately 300 meters) we got stuck. We tried all the roads I knew (no worries, that weren't much), and eventually Chris decided to take the risk and manoeuvre the vehicle in between a litterbin and a brick wall (2 centimetres on either sides). We made it.

From there on we drove straight to the venue on.

We got a very warm welcome by Henk, Anke and Bert. We met them last year at the gig in Noordpolderzijl and they wanted to have us for their venue.

They prepared themselves wonderfully and clearly had some experience in making people feel welcome!

The stage was set up exactly according to the stage plan and so we started to unload the car and make ourselves ready for the sound-check.

Linda... - photograph courtesy of Mr. Barnhoorn

This was done in no time. We had a lovely cup of coffee and soon did the sound-check. In the meantime some familiar faces poked around the door, we had some lovely chats and after that made our way to the dressing room which was next door.

When we got down to the venue again it was nicely packed and again there were more familiar faces: old classmates, friends from a long time ago and even an old pupil of mine with her family!

The concert was great. As the venue was in a café / music stage type of place there was a bit of talking going on around the bar. But after a couple of songs and some funny comments from Chris they all tried very hard to be quiet.

According to a lot of people the concert was real dynamite, which is always nice to hear!

I found that the songs were following each other in great speed and the concert was done in a wink.

We had a lovely time with the audience afterwards (we even got visited by the three wise monkeys) and it was sad to have to say goodbye.

Chris and Linda headed for Soest, where as I went back to Borculo with my Mum and Dad to do some promotion on the concerts we were to do in the area.

Our audience... - photograph courtesy of Mr. Barnhoorn
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