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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Theater de Willem, Papendrecht - 24th November

Matt Barnhoorn writes - If there is one constant factor this tour, it must be our Nice Mr. Jan. Again he arrived smack on time with a big smile on his face! In fact Linda and I thought he would come a big later, so we were still doing ironing and busy replying emails (guess who did what).

Anyway we had plenty of time, so we sat down for a traditional cup of coffee and had a nice natter.

We loaded up the vehicle and made our way to Papendrecht. It was a very relaxed trip. I spotted the orange shades of Nice Mr. Jan (if only you could see his shade collection) and put them on. For over three quarters of an hour I had them on, when we got to the theatre I took it off again… and it really surprised me how dull the colours were. Things to do...

We were welcomed by Sjennel (lights) and Mark (sound) who just finished all the preparations.

They were ever so nice, but it was a real shock to them to hear that they were to do the sound and light during the show as well. Somehow the communication systems in (Dutch) theatres between offices and technical staff really puzzle me - and I know a lot of the technicians are puzzled too.

Anyway, once they got over the 'shock' we started to get the equipment out (so the speak) and set up the stage. After that we had a quick cup of coffee in the artist foyer, soon followed by the sound-check.

Sjennel and Mark left us, as they went for their dinners at home. In the meantime we ordered some Indonesian-Chinese. As we had another half an hour to kill we started to look out for plates and cutlery.

I searched in every cupboard in the artist foyer, nothing… we went into the foyer, tried to kitchen (they only had cups and saucers), the office - everywhere we looked, not a sign of plates and cutlery.

Then Nice Mr. Jan opened one cupboard in the artist foyer (the first one I checked) and there they were… WOOPS!!!

As we say in Dutch: I must have been looking with my nose.

Nice Mr. Jan and I went to get the meal. Papendrecht-by-night was, just like the Chinese restaurant its take away desk, a right maize. But we got there in time and took the meal down to the theatre.

There Chris and Linda had set the table and we could have our nosh. Like always with the Indonesian-Chinese meals in Holland, we got far too much. So no doubt we'll be eating the rest later on this week.

After dinner we made ourselves ready. Also we met Erik, the smiling manager, again. Again, because we've met him this Spring as we did a promotional concert for the theatre.

Soon it came to concert time. The hall was densely packed and I think we went down well.

In the interval Claudio looked after us as she served us drinks of our choice in the dressing room. Being a rock star does have it's advantages… hehe!

The second set for me had more fire to it and on the end of the concert we got yet another standing ovation.

Claudia got on stage with wonderful flowers - again thanks for looking after us so well!

After we had put our flowers away and got another drink, we went to the foyer where a lot of people, including a lot of friends, were waiting for us.

To shorten a long story: we chatted an awful long time. At one point the music went off, then lights went out above the bar and by the time we said goodbye the ladies that were serving already put on their coats.

It was a fine night, enjoyed by us all. A big thank you to everybody!

Some  of our audience
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