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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Theater City of Wesopa, Weesp - 9th November

Chris showing Matt how it's done

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Hello everybody, Here is a bonus: Another write-up in Dunglish...

The past week has been a bit strange, with lots of things happening, so I apologize for the delay and in advance for the short review. As I wrote there is so much going on that I thought I'd better keep it short.

The week prior the gig we've been really onto getting our plans together for the upcoming year and a half.

So after all the office work it was nice to do some practical work again to remind yourself why you all do itů it was concert time!

Our beloved tour manager, Nice Mr. Jan, came to pick us up and together we loaded up the car. The drive down there was most pleasant and we arrived in good time.

This time we went to 'The City of Wesopa' in Weesp. It's a great little theatre that was - and for occasions still is - a movie theatre. I must admit that the architecture did sort of gave it away, but there were also all sorts of accessories kicking about - including some big movie cans upstairs, empty though.

Our mystery guitarist...

Anyway, we unloaded the car and because we arrived early we had to wait several moments until Peter (sound) and Peter (light) set up the lights and stage.

After a very nice cup of coffee the well-oiled Magna-machine fired up and in no time we were ready for the sound check.

That was done very quickly and so we had time to fool around a bit. We practised on some new ideas and had even a guest appearance by a guitar player who asked to stay anonymous.

After a very enjoyable forty-five minutes of sheer lunacy we made it down to the dressing rooms and had dinner there: shoarma! That was the only 'road-food' missing on this trip!

As soon as we were finished with dinner we heard some noises and saw our friend Hans Veen walking in, accompanied by Anke. We had a nice chat and got ready for the show.

Although the hall wasn't entirely filled it had a wonderful, cosy atmosphere (I think the Dutch word 'gezellig' - with the unmistakable spitting-noise 'g'- was on its place). Very nice! In fact so nice that I joined the audience for a minute on a very nice, pre-heated chair.

After the concert we had a lovely time, talking to members of the audience.

We packed up and said goodbye to old and new friends, heading into the dark night - having sold yet another memory.

Some  of our audience
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