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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen - 6th December

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Another write up in Dunglish!

Today we didn't have our beloved Nice Mr. Jan to drive and 'tour manage' us, but Nice Mr. Peter (you've met him in the write ups of Druten en Arnhem). Nice Mr. Peter rolled up quite early so we could had plenty of time to work out how we packed up the car last time and to have a nice cup of English tea - as we were out of coffee.

This was done surprisingly quick so we started our journey to Vlaardingen in good time. We expected some bad traffic, but the road Gods were in our favor and we had even time for a holiday (quick cappuccino in a garage).

We rolled up at the theatre smack on time and got a great welcome from André, René en Joost. I felt awful, I recognized their faces (we did do a concert for them last year), but I couldn't get the right names to them. Luckily I was forgiven.

The beautiful Stadsgehoorzaal in Vlaardingen

The stage was set up exactly according to our stage plan, which is always nice when it happens. Thanks guys!

The four of us started to unload the car and build up the stage. This was soon done and we went straight for our sound check. Which was done very quickly as well. I then saw a person sitting in the wings behind a desk and was wondering what he was doing. It was Peter from the Hospital Radio. We shook hands and had a bit of a chat upstairs. He explained that he came to record the show and we'd be doing an interview with him afterwards.

The last couple of days we've been rehearsing a new song of Chris called 'Greenhow Hill', so we had another couple of run-throughs. It's shaping up nicely so hopefully we'll be able to play it this weekend in one of the sets.

At 7.00 pm the dinner rolled upů a lovely Indonesian-Chinese mealů As Linda wrote in her last write up I'm heading for an Indonesian-Chinese overkill. In fact Linda and I came to the conclusion that this would be our 7th Chinese meal in about 10 days. Anyway the company was great and that's all that matters.

In the artists foyer there was a cupboard, of which Linda suspected it to be on IKEA one. She was right and we got chatting about the wonders of IKEA. In an attempt to impress the lady next to him, Chris said that even our tour manager was from IKEA, to which Linda added: "his name is actually Billy Bookcase".

That was it!

The waves of laughter filled the room and it was the sign that from that moment on every sentence had to have Billy in it.

After our dinner we went downstairs to tune-up and get changed. And just before we went on stage we met Joriene, the hostess for the night, and Sandra, the manageress of the theatre. The atmosphere was really great and we took that into the lovely 19th-century concert hall, where we met an equally nice audience.

Given the whole 'Billy'-thing, we sometimes couldn't help ourselves for laughter. Can you imagine: Billy and the parrot jokes coming to you from all angles? Luckily we coped! Joost had some problems with the sound as in the first set some channels died under his fingers. He worked very hard to get it sorted and succeeded. Well done!

The audience was great! And as the concert was finished I really looked forward to go out there and meet them all. Linda got pelted with presents from the Van Soest family.

After most of the audience was gone I had another chat with Sandra and Joriene, as Chris and Linda did the interview with Peter and after that another interview for the local radio of Rotterdam.

Billy, Linda and I cleaned the equipment away and as I got changed Billy loaded up the car.

We said goodbye to the last people and headed for Soest.

The way back wasn't easy for the weather, but Billy got us safely home! Thank you Billy, it was great!!!

Some  of our audience
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