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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Kunsthuis 13, Velp - 28th November

Linda Simpson writes - First let me say that last night we did our customary gig in the Eekhoornnest cantina with 'The Desperados' - it is still their name at the moment but they are going to change it soon because they have now been signed to a big record label and are starting to record their first hit. No I'm not joking; it will be a hit, I'm sure of it. They are so good now and a friend commented that they were 'just like a summer party' which was a great compliment and well deserved. I love 'em.

Los Desperados

Matt played with us first (we were support act this time) and then with them. I took a photo but Matt is a little obscured by the fabulous Eduardo - I'm sure no one will mind. It was a great fun night. They have worked hard and deserve to do great things. I, for one, wish them the best of everything.

Now Velp...

We were a little bit late because of the heavy traffic on the way but everyone understood the problem.

We were not exactly dreading this gig, but we were certainly unsure of how it would turn out due to all the problems last year, but we need not have been concerned. It was simply wonderful and such a nice surprise.

The dressing room was beautifully prepared. The technical staff, Johan (sound) and Dennis (lights), were on the ball and couldn't have been nicer. The sound and lights check went like a dream and then we had a really tasty Chinese meal with them. We were telling 'road stories' and laughing a lot - it's what we do to keep ourselves happy.

The Scarlet Woman - a study by Hans Veen

Harry Pater was coming and was on the guest list so Chris told them on the door that if someone turned up saying that he was Harry Pater; it was a lie because the real Harry was in Nova Scotia. This caused a lot of fun and Harry took it all in his stride when he was refused entry for being an impostor.

Lots of familiar faces tonight, Hans Veen who arrived with a very nice lady - and a pair of ritzy knickers (more about that in a moment). The people from Radio Ede also came; Peter with his lovely wife and Bea who was shining like a star - you really did look great Bea. Jet was there too to sell CDs for us (no Mr Jan tonight; sadly). It was, in fact, like a reunion party!!

The gig went off really well - the sound was perfect and everyone commented on it, the atmosphere was also great.

Hans had passed the ritzy knickers, a G String actually, to Chris (we didn't ask too many questions but Hans told us they were a free gift - with what? Breakfast cereals?).

When it came to 'Backroads', and Matt slid across the floor on his knees, Chris hung the G String on his microphone stand. That was more or less the end of the song as Matt could do nothing for laughing and when it came to the two of us playing 'back to back' Status Quo style - we didn't quite get it right and banged heads - then I couldn't do anything either and Chris gave up on the both of us. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard!!

It was simply a very enjoyable evening with a lot of nice people - it truly was like a family gathering and when it came to the two Sint Niklaas songs, that I have been trying to sing in Dutch, the roof fell in and everyone sang at the top of their voices.

Nicolette, the owner, had gone to a great deal of trouble to make up for last year and we truly did appreciate it. Thank you for that.

We are going to be back next year too; for the last time folks, so don't miss it -we're looking forward to it already.

Some  of our audience
Left Arrow Horst, Holland Woerden, Holland Right Arrow