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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Scheldetheater, Terneuzen - 17th October 2007

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Hi Everybody,

According to our brand new system (for those who haven't noticed: we do the write-up in turns now), it's my turn...

Last Monday I went to see my friends the Desperados, as they were doing a recording session in their 'mobile studio'. After having a great time, they asked me if I´d like to come with them to a concert of Rush in Ahoy. Well, I´m always up for a bit of fun, so I said yes.

Tuesday came and at about 6.00 pm. Daniel picked me up and together we drove to Rotterdam. There we got ourselves inside (in real Desperados style - we didn't look on the tickets, Daniel and Andrea had tickets for the arena, where as my ticket was a seated one, upstairs).

I must admit that I'm not a Rush-fan, meaning that I don't know all the songs and lyrics, but I found the show very entertaining and very good. My seat was ideal, not only could I see the stage and video screens, from where I was seated I had a perfect view on the backstage area, as well. We had great fun!

Yesterday morning Chris and Linda were up in good time, I followed a little later.

As we had a gig to play in Terneuzen that night, we hadn't planned too much to do, or so we thought.

When push came to shove there was a little more on the business list, so the three of us got stuck in.

I know that in Holland travel distances aren't what they are like in say England, Canada or South Africa (oh, South Africa!), but still Terneuzen isn't next doors to Soest.

Nice Mr. Jan, our beloved tour manager, rolled up in goodtime and we loaded up the vehicle.

We buttered some buns for on the way back (just as in the 'Aunty's Gorilla Song') and we set off, towards the lovely province of Zeeland.

It's a wonderful area in Zeeland and if only we had more time, I'm sure Jan and I could've worked out a route that would've shown Chris and Linda the wonderful coastlines, the 'Neeltje Jans' and little villages. Unfortunately time wasn't on our sides - the traffic jam at the turn on to the motorway near Soest didn't help -and we had to hammer down straight to the venue.

After a good two hours we arrived at the Scheldetheater in Terneuzen.

Peter and Tim, our sound and light technicians for the night, gave us a lovely welcome. We unloaded the vehicle, set up the stage and went straight into the sound check.

Again it took us no time to set the sound and so after that we could check out the theatre and dressing rooms.

Nice Mr. Jan came around with the list of a Chinese restaurant, so we could pick our own meals… hehe… we thought we'd order just a small portion each and like with Chinese restaurants all over the world, we got absolutely pelted with food - they brought stags back! We tried to give it a got bit of damage, but there's only so much you can eat prior a concert. So most of it got packed up again and we brought it home with us (it made a good dinner tonight, as well).

Bertina, a friend from a long time ago, and her daughter came to visit us backstage, just before show time.

I was really sorry that I didn't get proper time to say hi to them, as I had some preparations to do before the concert started.

The concert went really well. On stage we had great fun, of course the parrot cropped up again - which is always good for a couple of giggles on stage. During the announcements of ´Fields of Eden´ Chris made a comment about the Belgium - the heart of the European Union - and that the only thing he could recommend the Belgians on was their cooking (NB: The Dutch have the same relations to the Belgians, as the English to the Irish).

I warned him that Terneuzen is VERY close to the Belgian border, so Chris decided to make it up again... lucky for him, as Tim, the light technician, is Belgian… a very close escape!

Our audience was really focussing on what we played and I thought that the whole atmosphere during the concert was great.

After ´Paradise Row´ we got a big standing ovation and we got lovely flowers by the theatre.

The audience kept on clapping so we decided to do ´Airport Song´ for an encore.

After that we soon joined the people in the foyer and had a lovely chat with the people that stayed.

About an hour later, we got changed, took down the gear and loaded up the car again.

We sold yet another memory to the crowd...

Next one will be another one in the South, this time South - East in Geleen.

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