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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Stamford Bridge, York - 27th April

Linda Simpson writes - I was over in Guernsey last week with my Dad and came back on the Wednesday. I unpacked and did the e-mail and then we went off to do some shopping because Matt would be in the next day and we needed to at least have something for him to eat. It's also getting close to the Dutch trip so we need a few extra supplies - like large boxes of Cornflakes and Sugar Puffs!! So we went off to Skipton and got back around 7pm.

By that time I was pretty shattered, having been up since before 5am (I got the early plane), but thought I'd just pick up a guitar and play through a couple of the newer songs to refresh my memory. PANIC - I seemed to have a mental block on every one!!!

Mr. Bass Man - Lee Abbot

Chris said that he was also a bit worried that he didn't have the finer points firmly fixed so we knew we would have to grab a proper rehearsal before we could play.

Matt's plane didn't get in until 9 the following evening so we would have to run through everything the next morning. Sadly we didn't get to bed until about 3am so the morning was almost gone before we got up!!

We did manage to run through most of it - and were surprised that it wasn't too bad. Maybe it is like riding a bike after all!

We were hoping to have someone do the sound for this gig but it didn't work out that way. Instead we realised we would have to take our own PA and do the sound ourselves. Big D very kindly said he would take us so we had to pack away the instruments at 4pm when he arrived and everything went into the van.

We didn't have Doris, I forgot my mobile, Chris forgot his (we were in a bit of a panic just before we set off) and when Big D handed me the map I suddenly realised I didn't know the best way to get there.

Friday rush hour and a woman in charge of the map did not bode well! I got it wrong. We were late; the last thing we needed really given that we had to set up the PA ourselves.

It was mental; there were leads, boxes, bags, speakers, amps and instruments all over the place. I started praying at the same time as plugging up. Big D was wonderful - he remembered a lot of what went where and I put together the new bits and pieces, line testing as we went along. Eventually it came together and it seemed that The Good Lord was on our side because it sounded fine with very little adjustment - phew, that was lucky. The best bit was when we plugged Lee's bass in - he walked out in-front of the speakers to have a listen and it didn't even need the slightest tweak - amazing.

Hot and bothered we went to get changed and it was soon time to start playing. I don't know where it came from but it went like a dream. Lee was a big part of that because he had obviously done a lot of work on the songs and the bass lines were perfect.

It's always a real treat for me to have Lee there because I can relax into the solid rhythm that he lays down, and enjoy the feeling of being part of the team!

A lot of the people there were not familiar with our music but they seemed to all enjoy the fact that we were enjoying it. I would find it quite hard to go and see a band if I didn't have any idea of what I was going to hear but this was a lovely audience, there was very little talking (amazing given that the bar remained open) so we were very happy with the evening.

It was a great rehearsal for Holland (how I wish we could have Lee there too) and we took the opportunity to play 'Paradise Row' again. We've stopped playing that in Holland for the moment because everyone knows it now - but we love playing it and so do it when we can; it was a really good one too even if I do say so myself.

Through the evening there were a couple of songs that felt particularly 'special', almost fragile to a point where we were afraid we would play something wrong and spoil it. That kind of thing doesn't happen too often and it's always a great feeling. I always wonder if the audience is aware that it is happening.

Some of our audience

At one point Phil joined us on stage to do The Stray Cat Strut' and we also played 'I Don't Want to talk about it' which is when we found out that the cricket club boasted many beautiful voices!

All too soon it was over and we had to say goodbye to Lee. The packing up of the equipment was not half as stressful as the setting up had been and set off home feeling that we had given a good account of ourselves. We're also now looking forward to getting to Holland.

Phil had done a great job on the promotion of the gig. Sue, who only took over the running of the club fairly recently, had also done a great job and we were very well looked after.

Thank you to anyone who was involved in the organisation.

Also thank you to Ian who came to do the merchandise for us, and Chris who came all the way from Bath to catch the concert - I hope he thought it was worth it.

Watch out Holland - here we come.

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