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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Theater Idea, Soest - 25th October 2007

Linda Simpson writes - We had a couple of days off and so I decided to make the most of it and take a bike ride or two, and why not? It's healthy isn't it?

Now the old-style Dutch bicycles have a strange breaking system; you have to pedal backwards in order to come to a halt; not something that one always remembers when in a tight spot.

Linda's shiner

Yes I fell off; yes I sustained injuries to my knee, ribs and face and yes I ended up with a black eye that any boxer would be proud of. Perfect timing was always one of my strong points, what better time to get a black eye that one third of the way thro' a tour? The next gig was two days later - in Soest.

We arrived at the Idea to find that it was sold out, which is always nice to know. Outside, as we unloaded the gear, we spotted a VW Transporter - Matt's dream vehicle.

We were greeted by Peter, who does a great job on sound and lights; we mentioned the vehicle outside and, to Matt's delight, it turned out that Peter owned it! Guess what? He got to sit behind the wheel too!

Martin, the manager, appeared on the scene and gave us a very warm welcome. We then met Leo who was also on sound and lights as a volunteer and we all worked together to get the gear set up and sound checked. It all went really well, nice on-stage sound and all very well organised.

Then the question of food - did we like Chinese? Does a fish swim? I have to say that we eat a lot of Chinese food and pizza. My love for pizza is wearing a little thin at the moment - but I will never get tired of Chinese/Indonesian food. They sent out for the food and we were invited into the foyer to eat. I have to say it was one of the best 'take away' meals that I've ever had. We wanted more details! I can't remember what the place is called but it only does take-away meals, there's no restaurant. That's a bit of a shame, but I'm sure we'll find a reason to have a take-away at the cabin before we leave.

There was also a small bowling alley in the complex - Matt and I have made a note of that one because we both enjoy that too.

Time to get ready and I was relieved to find that my eye-shadow was the right colour to match the bruise on my eyelid and my makeup did a fairly good job of covering the bruise below the eye. In short; it didn't look too bad.

I asked the audience what they would expect to get if they crossed an English woman with a Dutch bicycle and the answer was 'A blue eye' (I thought they would call it a black eye, as we do, so that surprised me). We were all in a great mood and that was reflected in the way we played. It was a good move to put 'Fooled by a Promise' back in. Time for the Leaving' is also going down well and everyone likes Airport Song as an encore - so we must be doing something right.

I sometimes think that we should try to find a replacement for 'Paradise Row' at the end of the concert, but it seems to have become an institution in its own right and if we try not to do it we get complaints!

It was a smashing night - lots of laughter and fun. There were also a lot of familiar faces from the shopping centre where we do most of our shopping - there were people from the bookshop and from C1000 and it was so nice to see them all. We also had plenty of friends in the audience so it had a party atmosphere and everyone seemed pleased to see everyone else. I love it when a Magna Carta concert becomes a meeting place for friends - it gives me a real buzz.

Thank you everyone - we had a good time tonight.

We are getting a lot of reaction to the fact that we will be hanging up the road shoes in May 2009 - everyone seems to be a bit shocked but we can't go on forever and it will not mean the end of everything; all three of us have musical plans for the future which we will divulge when the time is right.

We missed Jan - it was local and so we did this one ourselves but it wasn't the same without him.

Onwards and upwards...

Some of our audience
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