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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Smokey Swallows, East London - 1st September 2007

Matt Barnhoorn writes - After having done a wonderful concert in Grahamstown, we had a real nice night in our little cottage at Ann and Cliff's. When we woke up, we were overcome by the view once more… the hills, the Indian Ocean in the distance and the knowledge that only a hundred yards away a game park started!

We had a cup of tea and then Ann invited us to take us on a little Safari trip in the game park.

Linda and Ann went into to front of the 4-track. Chris and I decided to go into the open back. With in 5 minutes we saw our first game: a herd of zebras, kudu and Thompson's gazelles. It was truly breath taking!

On safari

We had an amazing time driving round in the park; the wonderful scenery, wildlife and the feeling of the country. At the end of our trip we even spotted a rhino in the far distant. I must admit, I could get used to do the odd safari trip in between concerts.

When we came back to the farm, we packed our cases again and had a couple of delicious sandwiches made by Ann. All too soon it was time to say goodbye.

We cheered ourselves up with the idea that the following day we would see each other again at the gig in Port Elizabeth.

The four of us got ourselves in the car and Arlyn drove is safely to East London. On the way we had some stops to enjoy the scenery and take some photos of this amazing country.

We arrived at the Smokey Swallows in good time and were welcomed by Charles, the owner of this wonderful venue, which often does dinner and concert nights.

We unpacked the car, set up the stage and did a quick sound check.

Having talked about it the night before, Arlyn and I got our heads together to do a song together for Arlyn's set. That turned out to be very nice!

The concert went great, the place was completely sold out and there were even people who turned up with the classic Magna LP's to sign them, unfortunately they were too late to get tickets. We felt really sorry for them and hope that we can make it up soon to them!

Chris happened to mention that at the concert in Velp, the Netherlands last Autumn Tour, I got underwear thrown at me during my solo. The audience responded to this with laughter. A couple of minutes later it was time for my solo and after loud cheers, I decided that it was time for a knee-dive. This was immediately followed by a rain of dozens serviettes from all angles of the venue... There I was under a massive heap of serviettes, playing my heart out.

After the concert we had some drinks with the audience and a great meal with Charles. Not long after that we said goodbye to him and his staff and set off to our accommodation for the night. This was at Buccanees, Chintsa-West a sort of bungalow park / youth hostel place. When Arlyn phoned Sal, the owner, she was very happy to put us up for a night.

Once we'd arrived at the park, we checked ourselves in. Emily showed us our little cottage and invited us to come and have a drink at the cantina.

We were well up for that. It was a great end of (another) wonderful day in this amazing country!

Smokey Swallows
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