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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Het Proveniershuys, Schiedam - 17th May

Linda Simpson writes - Knowing that we will be staying over in Schiedam with Nico and Trudi - I had rather hoped that I would wake up a little earlier than 12 noon - but I didn't, so it was a mad rush to get up and showered before 1 o'clock as that was the time that Bert was coming to re-do the interview for the music magazine.

Nico with Chris and Matt

We were on the way to one of the concerts, I can't remember which one now, when Bert called to say that there was a problem with the last interview that we had done on the Sunday. It seemed that he had plugged the microphone into the line-out and so had recorded nothing of the 2-3 hour conversation. He was severely embarrassed by the whole thing and we didn't help when we started laughing our heads off. He asked if we could do it again and we had arranged for this day because we were running out of time.

We were still sorting ourselves out as he arrived and, as I had to do the ironing and get as much ready for the following day as possible (bearing in mind that we were heading for Switzerland the day after Harlem), Chris and Matt did most of the interview while I got on with the practicalities, chipping in now and again of course.

Bert had brought coffee and cookies as an apology, which was really nice of him, so once the coffee was on the table the conversation started where it left off and all was well.

At 3pm we downed a couple of ham and cheese toasties each, loaded up the 4-track and hit the road. We had to be at the venue at 4:30 for the arrival of the PA and we made it with 2 minutes to spare. Frank was already there setting up so we loaded straight in and got everything up and working. Just when we thought we'd finished, something went wrong with the tape deck and one of Matt's leads also gave out at the same time which made it very difficult to work out what was going on. It took quite a while to sort that one out but in the end all was fine and Frank went of for a nice evening with his girlfriend.

This concert had been arranged by Nico and Trudi and they had done a fantastic job. It had to be a private function so it was arranged mostly over the internet - not an easy thing to do - Nico had worked very hard and I hope they both know just how much we appreciated it. Thanks are also due to Peter who provided the stage and lighting.

The owners Bram and Annemiek were so good to us. They made us a fantastic meal (I have seldom had such beautifully cooked steak); there was enough to feed an army and we sat at a huge banquet table feeling like royalty!!

The gig itself was just great - the atmosphere in the place was perfect and it felt just right. We haven't changed the songs on this tour - there hasn't been time to for any proper rehearsals - but tonight there was something a bit special in the air, which gave each song a fresh feeling or produced a slightly different emotional performance. It's hard to put these things into words but one or two people, who had seen other gigs, did pick up on it.

At the end of the evening we quickly packed away because Frank was coming back for his PA at midnight and it was already past 11 o'clock (where does the time go?). Once everything was away we were free to relax because we didn't have to think about getting back to Soest. We chatted away to everyone and before we knew it we had 'relaxed' until 3:30 am! We arranged to pick up the equipment at around 11am the next morning. It took a little while longer to get back to Trudi and Nico's place and we dropped into bed at around 4 - 4:30am. It's always difficult to fall asleep immediately in new surroundings so I guess we got to sleep around 5am.

Chris had 'relaxed' a little more than the rest of us so we decided that rather than climb two steep sets of stairs he would be better sleeping downstairs so Trudi and I sorted out an airbed for him in the kitchen - I don't think he even noticed!

Sleep is a wonderful thing - if you get enough of it.

Our wonderful audience
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