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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Private Function, Rotterdam - 9th December

Chris Simpson writes - This was at a tennis club near Rotterdam

Nico was a fan from way back, and Trudie his wife too. We met them on the island of Texel.

Nico is up there in the frontline stakes with Danny Dreef for owning the most miserable telephone voice in the world, but in terms of action he knows how to book a concert for MC and the tennis club was no exception. It was he who told them of Magna Carta.

Down the road with Jan the Man and you leave the highway into a black Stygian darkness that never fails to remind me that Ma Nature can certainly turn the lamps out when she wants to and December nights are like a journey through the long, dark night of the soul.

We go across a kind of causeway, with water on either side, (you are never far from water in Holland, or cheese) and there is this kind of Pavilion. They have laid us out a dressing room, with lit candles and all the Dutch little touches. Chairs are in places and the sound man, really knows his job.

A nice place to eat...

Load in. Soundcheck. Easy.

Then we are taken by Chris, for a fine meal in a local restaurant. It is popular and takes a while to land. I had 'Mixed Grill'. Compared to England it was bizarre. But nice. Bert is the organiser, and Wouter the Chairman.

Showtime. This is a different crowd. This is folks with boats and holidays in Thailand. I figure, to my surprise and shock, halfway through 'Sure don't bother me Now', "I bet this lot don't buy a lot of CD's".

I was wrong, as it turned out, but where had my head gone?

Down to 'Paradise Row,' thundering rhythms and Matt's mephistophilian violin. Encore time and it just has to be 'Airport Song'. They all sing their hearts out.

That is it. Pack down and load out.The rain is falling outside.I have a cigar with Nico. He smokes better than his telephone voice.

We are booked again for Spring.

Some  of our audience
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