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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Theater de Willem, Papendrecht. - 14th May

Linda Simpson writes - We didn't put this on the site as we were only asked last week if we would do it.

Some theatres have a 'preview' night when they invite their season ticket holders to come and see some of the acts that would be on in the next season. We were not scheduled to play, as they assumed we would not be around, but when one of the acts pulled out they checked and found that we were in Holland and actually had a night off and asked if we could step in so we said yes we would do it.

It's quite an undertaking to have 7 acts in one night but they were very well organized. We were on first and so were the last to sound check. We watched the other acts as they did their checks and I have to say it looks like they have some very diverse and excellent performers. The soundman, Paul, who actually does sound for 'The Dutch Eagles' (also playing later in the year) was excellent and it looked like everything was going to run smoothly.

The flowers

Everyone played for 15 minutes, for us that's 4 songs so we chose:

For the Gypsy
Lonely Girl
This time Around
Ordinary man

Samba, the presenter, gave us a great introduction and we were off.

We were going to do 'Long Time Running' but I forgot to wet the bodrhan and it sounded like a tin lid so we gave that one a miss!!

There wasn't time to introduce everyone to Paul Stewart but we did manage to get a photograph of the audience.

We were presented with some lovely flowers and hope that people enjoyed what they saw enough to come back and see us on the 24th of November.

It would have been nice to stay after we'd finished but this was meant to be a day off - we're now doing 5 in a row so some preparation was needed. We apologized to Erik, the director, and explained that we had to leave but we were looking forward to going back in November.

I'm sure the rest of the evening was a good one.

Our wonderful audience
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