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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Omroep Ede Radio Session - 3rd November

Chris Simpson writes - Last night, or to be more succinct, at 3.30 this morning we came in from a private concert in Ingen.

It had been a good time and I felt happy that Gerard, who's sixtieth birthday it was, bowed out with smiles and happiness.

Sleep. That essential ingredient that can sometimes prove so elusive. It came on silent wings eventually, with a very un-November warm breeze sifting under the pines outside my window.

Matt was up first, and Linda next.

I staggered upright,mostly naked, my head still full of dreams and discarded memories, to observe a set of bloody walkers, for all the world garbed as if they were attempting the North Wall of the Eiger instead of what they were really doing ( ie-a cosy Sunday walk over the dunes) grinning at me through the window.

I glowered sourly back.

We loaded up guitars and accoutrement's and headed off along the highways to Ede.

Bea - soup maker extraordinaire

We arrived in time and were met in by the lovely Bea Koops (a soup maker beyond compare); presenter Pieter Nijhof and the wonderful Willieke. We were dispensed torrents of kindness ( and coffee ) and set up guitars and things in the studio.

You must understand that this is a radio station of souls and heart. It is simple and to the point.

Cables criss-crossing the floor; a football hits the window from the kids outside. I pull on my cans (headphones) and get Linda in fine style. She then disappears. I get my voice(but no guitar) The engineer (Gert) rushes off for more leads. Matt checks out fiddle and mandolin and telling them how to plumb in the Andrew Jackson tracks for 'Fields of Eden,' More soup, fine cooked meats and bread and cheese.

Willieke is wonderful.

We then asked of Anne-Marie, who looked after us so wonderfully last year and only to be told that she was not well enough to be there this time. She might have not been there in person but she is certainly someone we will never forget.

Pieter's interview, when we went on air at 1.00 was to the point.

He was shocked that we are going to end in 2009. I told him why.

Off mic. he asked if the rumours about Linda and I were true....

Pieter interviewing Matt

She played the first song. He had his answer.

But like the concerts, we were on the case. The feeling great. We moved on through 'This time Around' and 'The Fields of Eden'. Hearing Andrew's voice night after night and time after time still blows me away. As an actor- he is superb. As a friend, he is superb.

Everyone seems happy. I love this place and these kindly, caring people, who love our music so very much.

Pieter is almost desperate in the interview. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING?

I answer, because there are so many things to do and forty years on the road is a fair innings.

Does it all stop here? Who knows.

I would not want to go on doing the same route year in year out, but let's see.

As I told him, personal issues aside, I have spent years twelve hours a day twelve months of every year keeping MC afloat and trying to write new songs in between. And books.

Time to move on ahead.

Bea (who makes great soup) gives me a fine bottle of wine for my birthday. We sit in the little room at the back of the studio with hospitality lavished upon us and the conversation ranging over the afterlife; Magna C and just how goddammned nice it is to be here with these wonderful people, In fact, as we drove away on to our second home (the road), Doris marshalling us from the Sat Nav, I saw receding in my rear view mirror, Bea and Pieter waving goodbye.

Now THAT was a local radio station in every sense of the word. And THAT was in total the sort of good people that keep our world turning.

Beloved folks at Omroep Ede, play on.

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