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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Stadstheater De Bond, Oldenzaal - 1st December

Linda Simpson writes - Matt wasn't around first thing so Chris went off to Amersfoort to get a couple of things. I was doing a bit of ironing (women's work) when Jan Wijkmans knocked on the door. It was nice to see him but sadly things were a little bit mad, as we had decided to set off early today. We wanted to go to a shop called 'Modezaak Giensch' in Enschede, where Matt buys his jeans. Chris thought he might be able to get something for himself there and Matt was meant to buy a pair for his birthday - it didn't happen. Chris picked Matt up in Amersfoort, Jan arrived on time but it was all so relaxed that in the end we set off too late.

There was no time for getting jeans so it was a quick stop at a music shop for some guitar picks - we had already tried Amersfoort and Utrecht without success. I had been down to two soft picks and then someone took one off the stage in Papendrecht leaving me with just one. I have to actually drop the pick in the last song of the first half in order to be fast enough to finger pick the last part. I left the pick on the floor intending to pick it up when I tuned up in the break, but by that time someone from the audience had already taken it as a souvenir.

It's not always easy to replace favourite picks. We did get some but they are not exactly the same. I don't understand why people feel entitled to take them - I do wish they wouldn't.

Anyway - I still have the last one and now pick it up as soon as the song finishes, so I should be able to hang onto it until the end of this tour.

Our set

We've played the Bond twice before and it was nice to be back - especially as we can park backstage - not bad eh? JP was still there (he did the sound on both previous occasions) and it was great to see him again.

He is a very good sound man and we were soon sorted out - too soon really because it was still almost 3 hours to show-time. Chris was tired and Matt hadn't had any sleep the previous night so they both had a nap. I played around on the guitar for a while, did my make-up, and eventually woke the two of them up.

Matt had a shower in a theatre for the first time ever. We then had a Chinese meal. It was a very nice one but I have the feeling that Matt is heading for overload on Chinese now so goodness knows how the last few gigs are going to be like - we might just have to start losing weight!

The gig itself went very well, the monitor sound was great and everyone said that the out-front sound was great too.

Backroads - it's getting to be very funny - I gave knickers to three ladies on the front row and told them that all would become clear. They did a great job and threw them at Matt as he slid across the floor towards them. We howled, he howled, they howled - it was the best yet.

In fact this was a fantastic audience - they spontaneously picked up on everything and just gave us a good time.

Matt wins on the clapometer

Before we play Paradise Row Matt thanks everyone at the theatre in Dutch and then Chris makes an announcement for Matt and myself - then I announce Chris.

I explained to the audience that Matt always times the applause and that if he doesn't get the most he is upset.

That did it - they were up on their feet for all of us in turn and clapped so long that we were laughing our heads off - they were totally mad. I wanted to take them home but Chris wouldn't let me.

To top it all off we were presented with some lovely flowers - thank you to all concerned.

I think everyone enjoyed it - we certainly did.

After the show we said hi to those who were still in the bar and then I was able to have a chat with Sanne. It's always so nice to meet up with friends that we haven't seen for a while.

Jan came through to gather us all together - it was time to go - what would we do without him?

Some  of our audience
Left Arrow Woerden, Holland Englelbert, Holland Right Arrow