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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Café 't Zielhoes, Noordpolderzijl - 28th October 2007

Linda Simpson writes - We had decided in advance that Jan would join us for an English breakfast this morning, before we set off, and he was arriving at 8:30 so that we could enjoy it together. The fact that the clocks had gone back had given us an extra hour - but we still didn't look that great as we emerged from our dens to greet the day. Matt and I decided we couldn't face the bacon and eggs so Jan and Chris did the honours and we wimped out. We got on the road nice and early, just after 9am in fact, and I'm afraid the first thing I did was fall asleep again in the back!

The view from the dijk

There was still plenty of time to get there when Jan realised he was running out of gas, so we had a bit of a diversion running around looking for a station that sold it. We tried three without success - it seems they can't sell it if they are too close to residential dwellings so this wonderful 'environmentally friendly' idea has become difficult to sustain - such is life. We gave up and went to the gig.

Jan Bos arranged this gig for us and he was there to greet us - he looked as though he had lost a little bit of weight too. His wife Fien looked as gorgeous as ever and Joke, the owner, looked great too - so it seemed everyone was on good form.

I walked up to the top of the dyke this time to have a look - very impressive but cold and windy - I didn't stay long.

The sound-man, Jan, was already setting up the equipment so we got our stuff in and then had a cup of coffee. We said Hi to the two Bassett Hounds Flair and Rakker (close translation scamp) and I set about ironing our clothes for the gig because they were looking pretty scruffy.

Jan very kindly refrained from smoking because I'm having problems with my throat in smoky atmospheres at the moment. It was a painless sound-check and then it was show time!

Matt and I started the show and explained that Magna Carta would be stopping after the next season, and then we introduced Chris on stage. It was a lovely afternoon - everyone was in a jolly mood and determined to enjoy themselves. Apparently our first set was a little subdued for us (could that have been the early start?) so Chris and Matt went out for a little walk in the interval to blow the cobwebs away.

Chris delving in the dustbins

Chris has been turning up with bits and pieces from time to time down this tour and telling us that he found them in dustbins - we did wonder why he was looking in dustbins in the first place and whether we should have a word with him about it from a hygiene point of view, but then Matt saw Chris lighting a cigar. Chris was using a dustbin lid to shield him from the wind and so had a clear view of the rubbish inside. That's another mystery cleared up.

The second half seemed to go by in a flash, we were having a ball - now fully awake of course.

Last time we played here we finished the show and left the stage - the clapping stopped so we didn't do an encore. Afterwards everyone asked why we didn't do another song, things are done differently here - we should have stayed on stage and done the encore - once you leave the stage - that's it.

We didn't make the same mistake again - this time we announced that we were very happy to do an encore - and that we would not leave the stage until we had done it! It was all very comical and light-hearted - everyone sang along. It had been a smashing afternoon.

At last Jan could have his cigarette - thank you Jan for doing that for me - it was appreciated. We went into the back and had a chat with a few people. I hope that we convinced Anna to do some Bob Dylan songs to get her started. Good luck with it.

Then it was the bit that we had been looking forward to for days - STAMPOT - yum yum. If you've never had it you must give it a try - it's really tasty and we had the extra treat of 'Groninger Metworst' (spicy sausage made in Groningen). It's a sociable way to enjoy a meal - there were about ten of us and we didn't leave anything on the plates! Thank you to the girls who did the cooking!!

It was a long drive back and we did get gas at the first station on the motorway!

See you next year? I hope so.

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