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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Nijverdal - 5th October 2007

Linda Simpson writes - First we rolled into The Eekhoornnest in Soest and said hello to everyone - then it was time to unload a very over-laden vehicle and get settled in. At one time this would have taken nearly a whole day but now it's a couple of hours and everything is sorted out, put away, and the office is set up... then we made up for just having 4 hours sleep the night before by grabbing a nap. Matt rolled up later that evening with his Mum and Dad and we all caught up on our respective news. Mum and Dad went off and we decided to get a good night's sleep before the first concert. ZZZzzzzzzz.

Jan is doing the driving for us again on this tour and it was good to see his face around the door at 3pm. Could we remember how to load up? Need I have worried? Jan just piled it all in and then I was worried because we seemed to have some space over and I started to wonder what I had left at home! We went through everything and to my relief it was all there.

What a great start to the tour. We were spoilt rotten!

We arrived just slightly later than intended, but there was no one there! The place was deserted .. then we found the notice saying that they had moved to the new theater and we went a little further down the road to find it. It was lovely - really tastefully done in red black and grey (not easy to get right), a classy restaurant at the front, where we had an excellent meal, and a really nice concert hall behind. The dressing rooms were the last word in luxury and we could not have asked for more in terms of help and kindness.

A classy restaurant...

Frank was doing sound and he was just great. The stage was already set up so we quickly put the amps and guitars out and did the sound check; no problems apart from a buzz on Chris' amp, Frank fixed that, but later on it seemed to move to mine! We met Leo who was doing the lights and explained the lighting for 'Fields of Eden', had a quick run through and then went for dinner (it's great to work with professionals).and what a lovely meal it was too. Wilma looked after us very well - we even got extra chips (don't tell the boss).

Finally there was Gerard, he was our host for the evening and he was magic, making sure that we had all we needed. Just his smile was enough - he really wanted us to enjoy being in the theatre and so we did.

After all this we couldn't help but give our best on stage. Keenly aware that our last concert had been in a garden in South Africa less than two weeks ago it felt a little strange at first but we soon got back into 'Dutch mode' and humour and suddenly we were back home again.

Matt has been with us for 5 years now and never announced a song - tonight we changed that and he announced 'Hebden Sunday Morning' in Dutch. I have to say we didn't give him much of a chance because we kept interrupting and it took ages for him to get to the end of it but it was very funny - especially as we didn't understand much of what he was saying.

I had a bit of a 'bad moment' when it came to the song 'Shine' which I wrote for my Dad. I'm never sure how honest to be about our personal lives but my Dad is precious to me and he has endured a terminal illness for quite a few years now. He has always been able to laugh at himself, even in the darkest of times, but now it seems as though he has had enough - and who can blame him? It hurts me that I can't be there for him right now and so the song was a little difficult to announce, but a joy to sing. I do believe that emotions tie us all together and that we should share both the good and the sad times because joy is increased and sadness diminished by sharing.

The rest of the gig was great - we haven't put in any new songs yet but we haven't played this theater before so I don't think anyone would have known (I hope not anyway). After tomorrow we have a few days off to get our act together and put in some new 'old' material and work on some completely new things so it will be fun.

After the gig we went into the foyer and met with some of the teachers who had been in the audience - one of them, Lisa, who was born in England but now lives in Holland was very amused by Matt's Yorkshire accent. We had to admit that he does fit in very well back in the Yorkshire Dales!

So that's the first one under our belts - here's to a great time with the rest.

Thank you all for making it such a great start!!

Our audience
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