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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Het Theehuis, Midwolde - 4th November

Matt Barnhoorn writes - AAAAAAHHHH!!! *JAWN* - STRETCH - This were the first sensible things going round in my head when my alarm clock woke me up. Then Linda gave a knock on my door whilst whispering: 'Matt, are you awake yet?'. 'Yes', I lied and made my way down to the shower. On my way I spotted the face of the clock, 05.45, the batteries must have given up, I thought. But when I pulled the curtain, it was still pitch black outside...

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the musician's nightmare: waking up before dawn to do a coffee concert!

We struggled to get our heads around showering and - after Nice Mr. Jan arrived (not looking terribly awake, either) - packing up. With in the East just a very weak light above the horizon, we went down the driving lane to get off the Eekhoornnest. I think Chris didn't even stay awake till the motorway (5 minutes, when there is no traffic on the road) and so the three of us tried to keep each other awake.

A deserted motorway...

If you can speak of distances in Holland, this was one of the further ones (as it would be with such an early time) and on our way to the venue we might have seen about 40 cars. Who else would get up at such a time to drive through the country? We even saw people who were obviously going back home after their night out.

Anyway, as there was nearly no traffic on the motorway we travelled quite fast and we had time for a coffee and a quick bite. Nice Mr. Jan dared to test his stomach and tried a greasy meatball. Just the sight of it was enough to turn my stomach around twice and inside-out. Chris decided to keep an eye on the equipment (meaning he would stay in the car). We didn't know he was thinking of doing that literately, because as we returned to the car, Chris had laid his angelic little head on one of the bags - fast asleep!

After waking Chris up, we proceeded our journey, feeling slightly better after our nice cups of coffee.

We arrived at the venue, spot on… 9.00 am But it looked awfully shut. I got out of the car and rang the bell a couple of times … no answer. I walked around the building to try all the doors - all shut. In a moment of total despair I started to whistle on my fingers and shout - no reaction (apart from some curtains moved on the other side of the street). For a few seconds the thought of miscommunication like that Sunday morning at the Zaantheater, Zaandam occurred to me. But luckily when I went to the car again, there was another car parking up just behind ours. It was Harmen, who was to do the sound for us, we learned. He also was amazed by the lack of movement inside the venue, as he clearly made the arrangement for 9.00.

After several phone calls to the organisers (who's phones all gave the voice mail), we decided to wait - what else could we do. Finally at 9.35 the lights flicked on inside and soon the doors swung open. There was the owner of the venue. We introduced ourselves to each other and started to set up our gear. Within reasonable time everything was working and checked - Harmen knew what he was doing, as he had a nice sound together in no time. It was then we got the news that we had to be out of the room at 1.45 pm - that is, the people needed to be out, the gear needed to be out and we were to be out of our 'dressing room'... quite a tight schedule! But aren't we just up for some challenges? Like buggery, we are! But hey, it meant a free beer afterwards, so we gave it a shot.

Some of our audience

The audience were very willing to come in, in fact after sound checking and tuning up we had to let the audience come in first to make it to our dressing room. Within fifteen minutes we were ready and delivered, even given the time of day, a really good show - lots of humour, (shortened) stories, and good playing.

The audience was lovely and wanted us to do an encore as well. Although we were pushing it for time, it was 1.15 pm when we finished 'Paradise Row', we gave in and played 'Airport Song'. Everybody sang along and all of us had a great time. Almost directly after the last note died away, we had to start unplugging, packing up and loading up, which left us very little time to actually have a nice chat with members of the audience (like we like to do). Anyway, all was packed up at 1.40 pm and the dressing room was empty fifteen minutes later.

That left us some time to have a last drink and after that we headed southwards again, Soest way. The day before we decided to treat ourselves a bit and go out for dinner with the four of us. So once we arrived at our little cabin we unloaded everything, sorted the business out and set down with a nice drink. At a reasonable time we went into Amersfoort where we had a wonderful meal.

When we got back to the cabin again it didn't take long for us to get into bed - what a day! And as Chris rightly said: 'We ain't gonna do that again!'

Some more of our audience
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