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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Theater Schuurkerk, Maasluis - 13th December

Linda Simpson writes - I am writing this on New Year's Eve – a little late – and I'm sorry but the end of the tour was rather fraught due to Matt's grandfather being so ill. It is hard to cope with these things at the best of times and my heart went out to him as he tried to soldier on whilst worried out of his mind….. he certainly graduated with flying colours and his grandfather can rightly be proud of him.

Grandfather is still very ill and all we can do is offer our prayers.

As you are reading this, I guess you'd like to know about the concert. Here goes...

What a special evening that was. Right from the first moment everyone was so friendly it was untrue. Koos and Arjan (sound and lights) met us in and we got set up. It was so friendly and effortless that we seemed to be finished in no time. The stool on stage for Chris had arms and so had to be changed – no problem – they even sent out to another theatre to get the right kind. Once we were set up it was time to eat – Chris, Matt and Jan went out but I wasn't so hungry so they offered to bring me a shoarma back – splendid!

As I sat in the dressing room putting my make up on Henk, the manager came in with two bottles of wine. He was wearing a ritzy pair of trousers which I thought were great and so I didn't mind at all when he explained that he had forgotten to get the correct wine. I didn't mind even more when he explained that he had instead brought two bottles from his own collection at home and hoped we would not mind. I was actually really touched by the gesture and thanked him very much.

The shoarma arrived – it was massive!! Enough to feed three people; so I shared it; it was the only option. It was really tasty though and I didn't feel that I had missed anything by not going out.

We got ready to go on – all in high spirits and looking forward to the show.

Would you believe it? there was a gremlin in the system somewhere and first Chris' guitar went off, then mine, then the mandolin...i t was a nightmare.

The audience were as lovely as the theatre staff and when we were wondering about stopping to see if we could solve the problem; they all shouted things like – 'don't worry', ' we don't mind', and 'just play on'. So we did, but it was a little un-nerving as we had no idea what was getting across and what wasn't – it must have sounded rather odd.

Everything was fixed in the break so everyone felt much better about it all. I asked Sofie, the daughter of a friend, if she would take care of the knickers for 'Backroads'. She dutifully stuffed them in a pocket and found herself a place on the front row.

The second half went very well and when the moment came for Matt to slide across the floor on his knees, she stood up and nonchalantly draped the knickers, one by one, about Matt's person. We were all howling with laughter and I think that must be the worse musical version of 'Backroads' that we have ever performed with enough bum notes to start an alternative musical experience.

Matt was totally helpless and the fact that the young maiden was also rather attractive added to the humour of the event.

The theatre itself was really nice too and we had a lovely time saying Hi to everyone afterwards. It was all just a thoroughly warm experience.

In addition to everyone else I would like to thank Sonja on the desk and Wilma who was behind the bar.

Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone or anything – it all seems so long ago now... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL

Some  of our audience
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