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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

Lochemse Schouwburg, Lochem - 23rd November

Linda Simpson writes - We arrived on time and were welcomed in by Emile (sound) and Peter (lights). Everything was very relaxed and we sat and enjoyed a very nice cup of coffee before loading in and building up the stage. We did a line check and then Emile wanted to go home - he thought that we were going to sort out our own sound.

There had been a break down in communication here and it was an awkward moment when we told him that we did not have anyone to do the sound and that in the contract we ask the theatre to provide a sound technician. Ooops.

There was a bit of a discussion and they were very sweet about the whole thing - I always hate it when something like that happens. It's not the fault of the band or the technical staff - but it can be a problem. Luckily these were nice guys and so we had our crew.

We started to check the sound and along the way we had a Barnhoorn invasion - all Matt's family turned up along with their respective partners. Then Jet and Hanneke joined us. Hanneke had made a wonderful apple pie for us all - It was truly the best I've ever tasted and a great treat - thank you Hanneke - we all enjoyed it very much.

The backing band trying to make Chris laugh

We went to the theatre restaurant for dinner where we met Monique, who went to school with Matt. It was a very nice dinner I might add, Tapas, tasty and just right before a concert; not too heavy. In the restaurant I spotted a painting of Johnny Depp - just what I needed to set me up for the evening (he just does it for me).

The gig was a bit strange for me - I found the stage very dead sound-wise and so there didn't seem to be any 'bounce' in what we were doing. Everyone said the out-front sound was great so I'm not complaining - it was just a bit strange.

I made an announcement about the fact that we were stopping but forgot to mention it again so if anyone would still like to put their name on the list - just sign the guest book and put yourself on the mailing list that way.

We did have fun and it was nice to know that we had relatives in the audience!

We were certainly well looked after by Mirriam was very nice and made sure that all was well - but she had disappeared by the time we finished so we didn't have chance to say goodbye.

One of Matt's favourite secondary school teachers was also there which put an even bigger smile on his face.

On 'Backroads' Matt was still protecting his back a little which meant we didn't really 'go for it' as normal but it was still fun.

Both Chris and I have other new songs but I have to admit I'm not really doing very well at learning at the moment, I can't even remember the Saint Niklaas song that Matt is trying to teach me (I'm still reading it from the paper!)- I guess that I have taken a bit of a knock and it's not surprising that I'm not at my best. I promise that there will be a couple more new songs in by the end of the tour. Watch This Space...

Some  of our audience
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