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Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Current page: Concert Diary 2007

Concert Diary 2007

The Blues Room, Johannesburg - 8th September 2007

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Another write up in Dunglish from South Africa!

The first concert in Johannesburg went down very well as you might have read already. So we really looked forward to the second one.

Although there was plenty of time to have a bit of a sleep in on Saturday, my alarm went of at 4.45 in the morning. Lalena had a 21st celebration in Cape Town and had to catch a (very) early flight.

As we had some jokes flying around, I suggested to make her breakfast before she shot off. It became a sort of ongoing thing and I was determined not to be beaten on this one 4.45 it was.

At 5.00 a sleepy looking head came around the kitchen door, whispering that I was mad, but we had a great time and a good old natter over a cup of tea and a plate of chocolate flavored ProNutro (YUMM!)

When Lalena shut the door behind her heading for CT, I tried to grab some more zs. With success.

A couple of hours later the house was a hive of industry, again. Lorna had offered to take us for a horseback safari in the Krugersdorp Game Reserve. Unfortunately all the trips were booked up, so we decided to do the safari by car.

Linda decided that she could do with a bit of a breather, so it was just Chris and I who accompanied Lorna on this trip.

The three of us had a ball going down the road: Chris and I did our "Trevor 'n Chavy" act, we got lost a couple of times and finally came to the park. It was an amazing safari, as we saw a lot of wildlife: all sorts of buck, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras and lions! It was a real mindblower. So many wonderful things!

We made it back to Culwick Towers in good time, as we had a concert to do that evening.

When we got to the Blues Room again, we were welcomed in by Derek and Charline (our host for that evening).

As weve done the sound check yesterday, we only had to do a quick line check and then had some time to relax and make ourselves ready.

Our wonderful audience

Again Arlyn did a wonderful set (I really enjoy sitting in a dark corner of the hall and listen to his set). Also Darryl and Cheri of 'Harris Tweed' did a great set (by the way: Thanks for the CD you two, I love it!)

After 'Harris Tweed' it was our turn to enter the stage. Like last night we had a ball and we got really going. 'Seasons In The Tide' and 'Paradise Row' were the highlights for me that night. Somehow they really stood out.

After the set we said hello to some people and tried to make it home not too late, as the following day we were to set off to the beautiful Drakensberg with Paul.

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